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  3. [GBA] Touhou Puppet Play 1.812 - Emerald
  4. Simple Script Help!
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  6. [GB/GBC] [Idea]Mahko: Curse of the Space Pirates[Need Criticism]
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  9. [GB/GBC] Pokémon Ancient Platinum
  10. [GBA] Pokemon Battle Red
  11. [GBA] Pokemon Legend of Anbuja
  12. [GB/GBC] Metroid II: Lost Chapters
  13. Ideas, Concepts and WIP Guidelines (READ THIS BEFORE POSTING)
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  15. [GBA] Pokemon Alpha (WIP)
  16. [SNES] [SMW] Craziness
  17. [GBA] [PROGRESSING]Pokemon FireRed Black/White Music patch!
  18. [GBA] Pokemon - A Link to the Past
  19. [GB/GBC] Pokemon Gold - OC Sprite WIP
  21. [GBA] (In making) Pokemon Ruby BLACK MUSIC PATCH.
  22. Pokemon Hack Idea
  23. [GB/GBC] Idea: (Pokemon) Second Reality
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  25. [Other] The Legend of Zelda: Guild of Heroes
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  29. Pokémon Ranger/main series crossover idea
  30. [GBA] Team 3make
  31. [GBA] Pokemon Lunar
  32. Another one of those stupid ideas.
  33. Pokemon Darkness (RECRUITING)
  34. [GBA] FireRed:Pokemon LightRed 2:The return of the mints.
  35. [GBA] Pokemon FireRed: Crystal Kanto music patch
  36. [GBA] Pokemon Osela (Recruiting)
  37. [GBA] Pokémon Genesis and Pokémon Terminus (Recruiting)
  38. Pokemon: Realistic Adventure
  39. Looking For Hackers For Game Idea
  40. [GBA] Looking for hackers for my new hack of Ruby
  41. [GBA] Pokemon Dark Dreams
  42. [GBA] Pokemon Dream Nights Versions
  43. Pokemon Emerald: Legends of Subspace (Recruiting)
  44. [GBA] Pokemon Emerald 2
  45. [GBA] Pokemon hack without IV system
  46. [Other] I Really..
  47. Pokemon Magikarp Master
  48. [GBA] Pokemon Nightmare Black [FireRed]
  49. [GBA] Mateo's Hoenn Adventure (WIP)
  50. [GBA] [WIP] Pokemon Freezing Fire
  51. [GBA] Pokemon Silver Destiny *Now Recruiting*
  52. [GBA] "Better" Battle Areas
  53. [GBA] Bugs on Beta
  54. [GBA] [WIP]The Pokemon Thief
  55. Digimon World
  56. [GBA] Pokemon - Police Force
  57. [GBA] Pokemon Dark Enchant
  58. [GBA] Pokemon Emerald XY
  59. [GBA] Pokemon Funjin Spinel (Recruting)
  60. New region PLZ HELP
  61. [GBA] Pokemon Substitute Green [WIP]
  62. Pokemon Athia Academy
  63. [GBA] Pokemon : Star of Destiny(SOD)
  64. [GBA] A rom idea
  65. [GBA] Pokemon Tropica
  66. [GBA] Pokémon Eclipse
  67. Pokemon MarvelRed Hack *RECRUITING*
  68. [GBA] Pokemon: Super Static Soldiers (need help!)
  69. [GBA] Pokemon Diary
  70. Gen II Rombase? What do you think
  71. [GBA] Limestone Version (FR Base, Idea)
  72. Pokemon TerraRuby and MarineSapphire
  73. [GB/GBC] [Idea/concept] Pokemon Bronze
  74. [GBA] Pocket Monsters Digitized
  75. [GBA] Pokemon Fallout rom hack
  76. [GBA] A New Pokemon Hack (Ideas Welcome)
  77. [GBA] Pokemon Galacta: A New Complete Pokemon FireRed Hack
  78. [GBA] New ruby & sapphire hack storyline
  79. [GBA] Pokemon Copper
  80. [GBA] Pokemon: Nega Rocket Red
  81. [GBA] [Idea] An unnamed Pokemon Fire Red Hack
  82. [GBA] Pokemon Destiny
  83. [GBA] Red Rising (fire red)
  84. [GBA] Pokémon: Joey Edition
  85. [GBA] Pokemon Modified Fire Red
  86. First Pokemon Hack
  87. [GBA] Firered Hack: Pokemon: Rago's Adventure
  88. Hey I need people to help me make a Rom hack
  89. Help me finish this idea
  90. [GBA] Pokemon Wolf Start Up
  91. [Other] [Concept]The Legend of Zelda: Triforce of the Arceus
  92. Fire Red Hack (Title needs different name.)
  93. [GBA] Pokemon Return of Team Rocket
  94. [Other] Concept: Making Fire Red A Better Game
  95. Pokemon:Team Rocket Origin
  96. [GBA] Pokemon Mega X
  97. [GBA] Pokemon Sea Silver
  98. [GBA] Fire Red Hack: Red 2: Mewtwo's Revenge
  99. Pokemon Kurayami!! (Pokemon Emerald ROM Hack WIP)
  100. pokemon asoukaia version (beta 2.1)
  101. Pokemon Zircon
  102. [GBA] Pokemon Light Diary's / Dark Journals
  103. [GB/GBC] Pokemon Rainbow
  104. Translation/Proofreading Thread
  105. [GBA] 100% Fakemon, 100% New Moves, 100% Awesome
  106. [GBA] Pokemon I-Don't-Know-What-To-Call-It-Yet Version
  107. pokemon light platinum legacy
  108. [GBA] Pokemon Harmony
  109. Pokemon Game Idea
  110. A Story In mind
  111. [GBA] Pokemon Delta
  112. [GBA] IDEA- Pokemon Emerald Wonderlocke
  113. Idea: Player Sprite Change
  114. Idea: Pokemon ORAS GBA
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  116. [GBA] Pokemon New World
  117. [GBA] [ROMBASE] Pokémon Fire Red Complete
  118. Pokemon Undertale Version!
  119. [GBA] My Idea Is Make Pokémon Game.
  120. Pokemon Dimension Break Idea: Give feedback pls!
  121. [GBA] Pokémon Naljo Adventures (Pokémon Rijon Adventures 2)
  122. [GBA] Pokemon Cosmic Destruction
  123. Pokemon Dragonspyre and Pokemon Dark Void
  124. (very early WIP)Pokemon Pyre
  125. [GBA] {EARLY WIP}Pokemon Codename Polished Emerald|by knuxfanwin8
  126. [GBA] Pokemon Murasame
  127. Pokémon Fiore Version
  128. Early idea about a Team Rocket hack
  129. Pokemon super adventure
  130. Idea - Single Town Based 3rd Gen Hack