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  1. [Sound] [GBA] Sappy 2006 mod for Vista/7/8
  2. [Multi] [Pokémon Gen 4] [WIP] Gem Workshop
  3. Tools & Utilities Rules
  4. [Sound] [GB/GBC] GB/GBC .s Music Extractor
  5. [Editor] [Pokémon Gen 1] RBY Wild Pokémon Editor
  6. [Editor] [Pokémon Gen 2] GSC Wild Pokémon Editor
  7. [Editor] [Pokémon Gen 2] GSC Town Map Editor
  8. [Editor] [Cross-Platform][WIP] Script Editor Advance
  9. [Editor] [Pokémon Gen 3] Battle Script Editor
  10. [Sound] [GBA] Songtable Offset Search
  11. Current Tools List
  12. [Multi] [HackPack] Pokémon Gen 3 Tool Pack (XSE, A-Trainer, A-Map + tons more)
  13. [Editor] Gen II Pokémon Editor Ultimate
  14. [Editor] Gen II Trainer "Script" Editor
  15. [Sound] Pokémon RBY Music Importer
  16. [General] [Android] Power Patcher - IPS Patcher
  17. [Editor] Agixp 4.11 English
  18. [Editor] Pokémon G/S Item Editor
  19. [Graphics] Image Processing Script
  20. [General] NarcDump 1.0
  21. [General] Andrea & †Kirito hack tool GBA
  22. [Editor] [FR/LG] Titlescreen Cry Editor!
  23. [General] 649 Patch
  24. [General] 11bayerf1's Decap and Attack Rombase
  25. [Editor] THUMB Editor & Assembler
  26. [Editor] ASM COMPILATOR
  27. [General] Android ROM Hacking Apps
  28. [Editor] [GBC]Pokemon Fly Position Editor
  29. [Editor] [Gen II] Mateo's Gold and Silver Flight Lander
  30. [Graphics] Kalos Sprites for Gen 3 Wanted!
  31. [Editor] (MEH) Map Editor of Happiness
  32. [Editor] Hackbuild
  33. [Editor] Pokémon Gen III Rom Hacking Suite
  34. [Multi] Help Wanted/Needed
  35. [Graphics] PokeViewer
  36. [Editor] Spirit makeing
  37. [General] Python IPS Patcher
  38. [General] Dark Sneasel's Public Scripts
  39. [Enhancement] [FR] Displaying IVs on the stat screen
  40. [General] PGE Features and suggestions.
  41. [Editor] LSA - Complete Item Editor
  42. [General] PGE Features and suggestions.
  43. [Editor] Text Hex Decoder
  44. [Editor] LSA - Complete Multi-Choice Box Editor
  45. [Enhancement] Inverse battle Applier
  46. [Emulation] Getting your game on a cartridge
  47. [General] Patch Checker
  48. [General] Hacking Tools for Pokemon...Help
  49. [General] LiteIPS Patcher
  50. [General] IPS Peek - IPS Patch Viewer
  51. [Enhancement] DSLN: An Emerald Hacked Engine
  52. [General] (Emerald)Applymovement Generator
  53. [Graphics] R/S/E Ready To Insert Tiles
  54. [Sound] Help Need disable/reduce music gba Rom
  55. [Editor] Intro Text Editor
  56. [Editor] GBA Intro Manager
  57. [Editor] Pokemon Sprite Inserter
  58. [Multi] Ultimate Tools by Pravin
  59. [Editor] Advanced Song: GBA Music Editor [Alpha 0.5]
  60. [General] Java ROM IO Library
  61. [General] Rom Hacking Tools for Macintosh?
  62. [General] How to Make a Created Item Run Scripts WITHOUT Jpan Engine??
  63. [General] Fire Red Item Crafting System Script
  64. [General] Hacking Tool for Android
  65. [General] save file exchange thread
  66. [General] Introducing Glitched Toolbar
  67. [Multi] Indigo Hacking Tool Collection
  68. [Graphics] [Request] HGSS-Fire Red-
  69. [Editor] MrDollSteak's Rom Base
  70. [Graphics] Possible hero sprite editor for Gen 4? (D/P/P)
  71. [Enhancement] TL's Quick Enhancer
  72. [General] UniPatcher - a ROM patcher for Android
  73. [Enhancement] FR-Overworld-Form-Change
  74. [Editor] My New Rom Hacking Pack!!!
  75. [General] For people that dont use windows...
  76. [Enhancement] EM and FR Reusable TMs Patches!