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  1. [Document] [Graphics Document] General GBA Graphics
  2. [Tutorial] [Scripting] PKSV Tutorial
  3. [Tutorial] Tile Inserting - The Easy Way
  4. [Tutorial] GBA ASM Programming
  5. [Tutorial] { Thumb } Assembly Tutorial.
  6. [Guide] Bits And Bytes.
  7. [Document] Jambo51's ASM Resource Center
  8. [Tutorial] Tile Inserting Made Easy Once More
  9. [Tutorial] Advanced Scripting - HMs
  10. [Reference] [Fire Red] Rom Map
  11. [Tutorial] Hacking the Diploma Screen
  12. Grayscale and Sepia (and other tricks)
  13. [Guide] Complete ROM Hacking Guide - Mapping Part 3
  14. [Guide] Complete ROM Hacking Guide Advanced - Extending the FireRed Song Table
  15. [Tutorial] Tile Inserting With Paint
  16. [Tutorial] Tutorial Easy Way to Insert a Tile and Palette
  17. [Tutorial] How to Insert Trainer Sprites using NSE 2.X
  18. [Tutorial] Index Sprites the other way around!
  19. [Guide] Having the Player Face Trainers in FireRed
  20. [Tutorial] Trainer Encounter Music Extension FireRed
  21. [Tutorial] Controlling Legendary Battle Music in FireRed
  22. [Tutorial] Tile Insertion - The Easy Way - Or So They say :3
  23. [Tutorial] Mapping - The Normal Way Cause There's Only One Way - Well, Kinda
  24. [Tutorial] Another way of Tile Insertion
  25. [Guide] Complete ROM Hacking Guide - Scripting Part 1: Introduction To Scripting
  26. [Guide] Complete ROM Hacking Guide - Part 1: Introduction To ROM Hacking
  27. [Tutorial] Extending the Fire Red Song Table to Add Extra Songs
  28. [Tutorial] Adding more healing places to FR for use with sethealingplace
  29. [Guide] Complete ROM Hacking Guide ? Mapping Part 1
  30. Documents/Tutorials Rules [UPDATED: 17/12/2012]
  31. [Guide] Wataru-Kun's Ultimate Pokémon Music Hacking Guide
  32. [Tutorial] How to patch an IPS file to a GBA ROM
  33. [Tutorial] Nintendo DS Music Hacking [LOOPING INCLUDED, FULLY EXPLAINED]
  34. [Tutorial] [Graphics] Editing and Creating new Animated Tiles!
  35. [Tutorial] FireRed: Fixing the trainer's facing
  36. [Tutorial] Pokémon 4th Gen Mapping (Still in the works, Importing is not done yet)
  37. [Tutorial] How To Import Maps!
  38. [Tutorial] Stablizing Pokemon Emerald (Preventing Corruption)
  39. [Tutorial] tajaros' Xtreme Scripting Tutorial
  40. [Guide] Move Overworld To Position Script
  41. [Guide] GBA/NDS: Looping! Never touch a text editor ever again!
  42. [Tutorial] [Fire Red]: Class Based Trainer Battle Music
  43. [Guide] How to insert HIGH QUALITY cries using Sappy (no Pokecry here)
  44. [Tutorial] Shiny Quagsire's XSE Tutorial of Epic Proportions!
  45. [Tutorial] [Fire Red] Berry Bag as Selection Screen
  46. [Tutorial] Extending The Background Animation Table
  47. [Reference] Pokemon G/S RAM Map
  48. [Guide] Battle Scripting: A basic tutorial
  49. [Guide] The Concept of ASM
  50. [Reference] Flags, Vars, and Script Tiles
  51. [Guide] Making Tilesets from Tilemaps: The Super Easy Way
  52. [Tutorial] Advanced Over World Sprite Editing: Part 2
  53. [Tutorial] How to Change the Start Map with a Hex Editor (FireRed only)
  54. [Tutorial] [GBA] How to Create New Evolutionary Stones: Step by Step
  55. [Tutorial] The Complete Guide to Battle Backgrounds
  56. [Reference] English Pokétext HEX Table
  57. Documents and Tutorials Request Thread
  58. [Reference] Emerald ROM Map
  59. [Reference] Emerald setpkmnpp
  60. [Reference] Emerald setmapfooter
  61. [Reference] PMD:EoS text markup
  62. [Tutorial] How to Edit the Ending Credits FR
  63. [Tutorial] [Fire Red]: Adding New Safe Flags and Vars
  64. [Guide] Some Assembly Required
  65. [Guide] Bits and Bytes and Oh My!
  66. [Tutorial] diegoisawesome's MEGA-HUGE XSE Scripting Tutorial
  67. [Reference] diegoisawesome's Miscellaneous Finds
  68. [Tutorial] [Gen II] Walk Behind Things
  69. [Document] [Gen II] "Useful Offsets Thread"
  70. [Tutorial] Pokemon Gold/Silver - Naming another character
  71. [Tutorial] Repointing Text
  72. [Tutorial] [Gen III] diegoisawesome's XSE Level Scripting Tutorial
  73. [Guide] GB/C Rom Hacking Video Tutorials
  74. [Tutorial] [Gen III]Animated Tiles
  75. [Document] [GBA] Controlling Legendary Battle Music (No ASM)
  76. [Tutorial] 256/240 color Titlescreen (FireRed)
  77. [Document] [GBA] Wildbattle result checker
  78. [Document] Friendship Checker for FireRed
  79. [Document] [GBA] Music Hacking
  80. [Guide] Simple Hex <--> Binary conversions
  81. [Document] Editing .S File [GBA]
  82. [Tutorial] Gogoat Riding Implement
  83. [Tutorial] Fully Catchable 252-276 placeholder Pokemon
  84. [Tutorial] ROUTINE ASM: Change status of pokemon
  85. [Tutorial] INSERT ASM ROUTINE
  86. [Tutorial] [NDS] Creating, Converting and Importing NDS Maps [D/P/Pt/HG/SS+]
  87. [Tutorial] Instant MoveCamera in FireRed and Emerald!
  88. [Tutorial] [THUMB MODE] How to run scripts via ASM
  89. [Tutorial] Learn how to script well!
  90. [Tutorial] Tile Insertion For AdvanceMap For Dummies
  91. [Document] Animated Trainer Sprites in Fire Red
  92. [Document] [FR, EM] Replacing the GameFreak Intro
  93. [Document] Custom Title Screen Written in C
  94. [Other] Custom Pokédex diploma script
  95. [Tutorial] Sprite Insertion Tutorial (SIMPLE!)
  96. [Tutorial] How to change position of choose name menu
  97. [Tutorial] [REPOST]Add New Pokemon In 15 Easy Steps!
  98. [Guide] Area-Specific Pokeballs
  99. [Research] [Emerald] Steven's Double Battle
  100. [Guide] [Guide] Basic XSE Starter Choice
  101. [Tutorial] [FR/LG]Custom Pokedex Checker
  102. [Document] "Map IDs"
  103. [Guide] Manipulating Map Banks
  104. [Document] Sprite Behaviours and Movement Values
  105. [Tutorial] [Gold] Adding a "Check Attack" script code
  106. [Tutorial] How to conect Bucklor to Mac OS?
  107. [Tutorial] Expanded Pokemon in the Wild
  108. [Guide] Pokéball hacking
  109. [Other] How do I create a VPN to download games from XBOX live?
  110. [Tutorial] Starting out with Rom Hacking? Click here
  111. [Tutorial] New OverWorlds in Fire Red without JPAN's engine
  112. [Tutorial] [Emerald] Controlling Trainer Battle Music... Without ASM.
  113. [Tutorial] Controllable Boats in Gen 3 Games
  114. [Tutorial] Coding a C# tool - Step by step!
  115. [Guide] WIP: PokeRed for Dummies
  116. [Tutorial] Seting Pokedex Entry to Limbo Space Pokemon RUBY VERSION
  117. [Tutorial] Adding New Moves in Emerald (and New Move Effects)
  118. [Tutorial] Remove Footprints Shown in Pokedex (No ASM)
  119. [Document] Emerald Battle Backgrounds
  120. [Other] Moving to a maximum of 100 to 255 evs of all the vitamins?
  121. [Tutorial] Pokemon colosseum and xd hacking tutorial
  122. [Reference] Pokemon XD Hacking Info Dump
  123. [Other] ROM download
  124. [Guide] A2z PokeRED(a guide for fire red)
  125. [Guide] pokecrystal For Dummies
  126. [Other] ROM bank got full while adding moves in Pokecrystal..
  127. [Other] Any Good Vides Out There?
  128. [Other] Simple request from a super noob