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  2. [Enhancement] Cinematic Mode
  3. [Ongoing] Emerald ROM map
  4. [Fix] Emerald Clock Fix!
  5. [Ongoing] Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced Hacking Research Thread.
  6. [Ongoing] [PKMNFR] Built-in ASM Routines
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  12. [Ongoing] Particle Effects for Move Animations
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  15. [WIP] Conan-Kun: Karakuri Temple info
  16. White 2 Info Dump
  17. [WIP] Fire Red Bank System
  18. [Fix] There, I Fixed It: Game Freak Presents in FireRed V1.0
  19. REAL Runtime Player Customization [PKMN] [GBA]
  20. Free Flags and Variable
  21. [Complete] The Ruins of Alph Puzzles
  22. [Ongoing] Trainer AI
  23. [Other] Research into Pokemon Hacking Communites
  24. Scripter wanted!!
  25. [Ongoing] Showing Mugshots via ASM
  26. Scripter needed for a firered hack
  27. Help trying to get a legal trainer ID/SID
  28. [Complete] (FR) Pokemons receive EXP after capturing
  29. [Ongoing] 255 Tiles Hack & 256+ Pokemon
  30. Pokemon Gold: Editing Pokedex Data
  31. [Ongoing] Pokemon Emerald Specials
  32. [Ongoing] Fire red Disabling the need for badges with hms
  33. Transferring SNES ASM knowledge to THUMB ASM
  34. Rom Hacking & Computer Setup
  35. RHDP - A Site Inspired by Rom Hackers [X-Post from PC]
  36. [Complete] The Secret Sauce: Triple-Layer Blocks
  37. [Complete] Pokčmon GS Music Numbers
  38. [Other] Remove level cap in ruby?
  39. [WIP] PyKemon Multitool Project
  40. Help with JPAN pokemon hacked engine