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  2. Questions & Answers: Le Rules
  3. JPAN's Hacked Engine Issues
  4. ROM uploading
  5. Where to download this rom?
  6. Problem with doorways in PKMN FireRed
  7. Adding new pokeballs
  8. [Gen III] How do I add additional trainer sprites?
  9. [GenIII] Secound Town Map in Ruby?
  10. [Gen III] How to make Shiny Wild Battle Events?
  11. Is That Works?
  12. [GenII]Trainer Card Sprite Replacement Help?
  13. English ROM German Content
  14. Having issues with back sprites
  15. Evolution Induced Movesets
  16. Search of all viable NDS hacking documents
  17. [Gen I]Base Stat editing
  18. Extending the Type Chart in Fire Red
  19. newbie scripting help
  20. [Gen II] How to add the gender selection???
  21. game
  22. [Gen II] How to make This Script???
  23. ROM Hack Evolution Help
  24. New person needing help.
  25. 大神求教
  26. [Gen II]Dragon Tail Move Effect
  27. Pokemon Ruby into DayZ
  28. Ask the questions
  29. [Gen III] Multiple Questions - Pokemon FireRed
  30. I Need a pokemon hacking team
  31. About expand the amount of blocks
  32. [III GEN] GBATEK - How to calculate values
  33. Resetting problem
  34. Need help with a simple XSE script
  35. Newbie, need guidence! Please help
  36. tiles??
  37. [Gen I] Modifying the Preset Names
  38. [Gen I] Sprite Offset Guide
  39. 5 Attacks per Pokemon
  40. Help with ASM routine
  41. Is it Possible to Include Both GoGoat riding and Bikes?
  42. [FR] Eevee Evolution Table Location?
  43. [Major Issue] Can someone help me with these major Bugs?
  44. Can't see my map in the events tab (Advance Map)
  45. DS Music Ripping Problem
  46. Fakemon Hack Glitching! Help!
  48. Question..
  49. Ruby: tall grass layer, DNS warp arrow glitch, and more
  50. Removing and/or skipping naming
  51. Scripting Questions
  52. How would I script professor oaks first cut scene in pallet town in Pokemon Fire Red?
  53. Sprite HELP!
  54. help with scripting?
  55. Help lamppost night
  56. border tiles?
  57. how to add EXTRA pokemon?
  58. Editing tiles?
  59. How would I change Gym leaders sprites and pokemons in Pokemon Yellow?
  60. Gen 4+?
  61. Pokemon Yellow: IVs, DVs AI team size, movesets, evolution method
  62. RPG Maker or Advance Map
  63. Help with PokéMarts.
  64. [GBA] any new pokemon roms
  65. Can't get to route 2
  66. Multiple Types for One Move
  67. Tile Conversions
  68. HG/SS trainer sprites
  69. looking for team.
  70. How to make a Pokemon follow you on FR?
  71. Help?
  72. Adding Fairy type to FireRed
  73. An error with the Minis (FR)
  74. Need help with editing the fire red titlescreen
  75. Questions on Pokemon Emerald Hacking
  76. Changing Gym Badges
  77. Running Shoes
  78. Pokemon Battle Help!
  79. What are the steps to hack pokemon roms?
  80. Messed up Colors with Sprites
  81. Pokemon LG Pallettes
  82. How do I add music?
  83. Expanding the Number of TM/HMs [FR]
  84. Does anyone know how I'd go about adding a new type to FR?
  85. Help Wanted/Needed
  86. Glitched Flowers
  87. A-Text alternative?
  88. Kecleon replacement
  89. Gymleader sprite problem
  90. Sprite backgrounds visible?
  91. Script Editing Help
  92. Gender Changing
  93. I have inserted a song, but it doesn't work in game.
  94. Looking for a Gen II Sprite Editor
  95. Help! I messed up.
  96. Most convenient way to add music?
  97. Problem with Fire Red controls explanation
  98. Lavender town player
  99. Messed up Title screen on FR when using UNLZGBA to change charizard.
  100. Recoloring water
  101. Need Help To Bulk Replace Pokemon Sprite
  102. IV Inherit
  103. Hacking Tall Grass Animations (Firered)
  104. [Emerald] Adding abilities
  105. Firered to ruby hexedit
  106. Scripting Help for Fire Red
  107. Title screen troubles...
  108. Need help inserting script in fire red without it messing up
  109. Looking for tiles
  110. [Tutorial] How to Fix the 64K Save 'White-Screen' in VBA Without Save-States
  111. [DPPt] Problems with multiple Pokemon editors (PPRE 0.14 and 2 + DS Pokemon Editor)
  112. (FireRed) Adding Abilities
  113. Can someone edit music for me I'm hopeless
  114. How to edit grass overworld animations in emerald?
  115. [QUESTION] Changing Starting Position in FR?
  116. Make Cut Scene
  117. Mentor needed!
  118. Checking collision between sprites?
  119. Importing Pokemon sprites from DPPT into HGSS
  120. A few questions for right now
  121. Did I make my thread in the wrong place? Here it is here.
  122. Need Scripting Help!
  123. [QUESTION] Changing Trainer's Battle Music in FR.
  124. Why won't this code work?
  125. Which rom do I use?
  126. PKSV-ui Scripting Help
  127. Problem with some GBC 3-byte pointers
  128. Inserting a Clock into a FireRed rom
  129. Pokemon Randomiser not saving?
  130. Black and White 2 Text Edit
  131. A few questions
  132. LeafGreen offsets
  133. Where toBegin??
  134. HP bars
  135. HELP ME PLZ
  136. Any idea why this happens?
  137. Physical/Special Split, more Emerald?
  138. 3 questions
  139. Adding more storage space for pokemon in the pc
  140. Code/Hex Editing
  141. Textbox
  142. Changing the HP bar
  143. .GBA Limitations
  144. PKSV-UI Not saving my script?
  145. Pokémon R/B/Y Sprite Editor
  146. PKSV Script not reacting correctly
  147. Best tools for editing Crystal?
  148. Trainer Class Fire Red
  149. Would you like to Nickname this Pokemon?
  150. Change the starting location
  151. Question
  152. Changing one script changes the other
  153. how to create new clock system? G/S roms
  154. Titlescreen
  155. More than 8 badges?
  156. Beginner Questions
  157. Generation III style HM usage in Generation I?
  158. DeCap ROM bases?
  159. Where do I start?
  160. About adding new pokemons
  161. pokemon cry table expand
  162. Help Please
  163. Trouble finding clean, working emerald ROMs.
  164. Naming A 2nd Rival in the Overworld
  165. Mega/Main City: Cities in a City
  166. In search of a Horror Pokemon Hack...
  167. I want to make a horror ROM hack
  168. Offset number for Map Connection in Advance Map
  169. in need of help pretty badly
  170. Issue with adding new buildings
  171. Edit Title Screen Tutorial?
  172. B/W Exp System
  173. Giving Custom Trainers Determined Pokemon Gender and Shiny
  174. Pokemon Save Editor
  175. getting rid of rival??
  176. Platinum intro sprites
  177. Emerald sprite of pokeball in poke center
  178. Lengthen Name
  179. 3 Questions to an Emerald Hack
  180. hex editing pokemon conquest
  181. ...? evolution workaround in FireRed
  182. Help with rom
  183. Changing battle music for certain trainers?
  184. I'm totally lost.
  185. Leaf Green rom flashing white at startup
  186. Problem With Egg Cycles
  187. import sav data from 1 rom to another?
  188. A Few Noob-ish Questions for Gen II Hacking
  189. Shiny Wild Battle without the Shinyzer?
  190. Inserting Gen IV & V Pokemon Issue
  191. Inserting entire tile sheets into advance map?
  192. Script offset
  193. Black screen on intro after inserting pokemon
  194. Building Tileset Size
  195. how i chage the color of the protagonist if is in black and white?
  196. Trade???
  197. Font editor? (for DS)
  198. Help Plz, How do i make the main character speak?
  199. Professor Oak script changes
  200. Sigh, my code isn't working in FireRed
  201. LeafGreen
  202. Gender choice removal?
  203. Gen 2 ASM Questions
  204. IV Menu/Checker
  205. NDS Mapping Troubles
  206. Tool for changing npc trainer sprites in Emerald?
  207. Hacking Stats
  208. IPS Patcher for GBC and GBA
  209. How do I remove the shadow from a Pokemon in Firered?
  210. Team Aqua / Magma Logos before battle
  211. Music Hack Overlapping onto Another Song
  212. Game freezes before any battle in Emerald
  213. Add new items
  214. noob questions from a noob
  215. Red screen bug after hacking
  216. Changing wild Pokemon's species in memory
  217. Map border is different than the one in advance map
  218. TM CASE in Fire Red broken?
  219. Inserting new items into the overworld in HGSS
  220. TMs Learnable Format in FireRed
  221. Just a question
  222. Minisprites in box
  223. Pokemon Game Editor "Support" Thread