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TPP_Mille Marteaux
20th July 2012, 10:18 AM
I'm sure that you've heard of Touhou Puppet Play (referred to as "Touhoumon" from this point on) at least once by now, and that's what this is. For those of you innocent to not know what it is, it is a Japanese fakemon hack of Pokemon Fire Red that replaces Pokemon with characters from the Touhou Project series while still following the basic progression of Fire Red. The latest version, 1.8, was another huge shift which was more focused on balancing the power creep between obtainable characters along with a new type chart, Physical/Special class split.

Now that the boring preface is out of the way, let's get to the main draw here: this is a hack of Pokemon Emerald (U) that uses Touhoumon's lineup of obtainable 'mons to take everything you know about Pokemon and snap it in half. This hack follows Hoenn's basic plotline and gameplay progression, but the changes to the 'mon lineup, attacks, and type chart changes the game rather drastically.

There are two main features to 1.8's gameplay. The main one is that nearly everything is competitively viable due to balanced stats, and the secondary main feature is the streamlined evolution system. Things only evolve once, but a vast majority of the cast has multiple formes that they can take that changes their stat allocation and movepool (think Eevee with less drastic typing changes). Something that normally evolves into a slow, bulky Special attacker has the choice to evolve into a speedy Physical attacker, giving you a vast variety of team building options.

I can't really prove that there's "significant" changes to the ROM without posting a bunch of battle screenshots since it's mostly unedited Hoenn and the meat of the hack is the heavily modified gameplay due to the cast of characters, but I hope that this selection of screenshots is sufficient:


If you're still here and still interested in this after all of that, you may find the hack here (http://lkaexe.supersanctuary.net/thmnemer18/). I distribute it through an external HTML page to attempt to cut down on old versions being passed around. Along with an .ips file, there are a bunch of useful .txt files bundled alongside it which make playing through a bit easier. The readme file also supplies a list of people I have given credit to, so.. that's that, really. I'm not good at these kinds of posts.

Keep in mind that this is still not finished; there are many things I need to do still, but it is still playable and you're capable of finishing the main game (+Steven). Yes, I know the Dex is blank. Yes, I know the title screen should probably be edited. No, I'm probably not going to replace most of the Pokemon overworld sprites/mentions to Pokemon since official 1.8 JP did the same thing.

Team Fail
7th October 2012, 03:40 PM
I had a request to remove this, but I'm just going to close it in case there is someone still interested in it.