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6th October 2013, 09:56 PM
I'm not sure how throughly I want to express this, but I'm an imaginitive person and literally pulled off this hack idea in 3 hours. However, I think it's still the best idea for a hack I have ever come up with.

I have been watching all kinds of RPG stuff occasionally (well, mostly Final Fantasies and KH but whatever), and they include a little bit of romance in them. So I thought, might as well have some in a pokemon game as well. That's where I got the idea of a new hack really.

Beside that, some hackers tend to give some interesting dream scenes in their hacks as start of it. Why not expand that aspect to fill the whole game instead? And this is where "Inception" comes to play.

Pokemon Second Reality would be a rom hack in which you're mostly playing in a dream world, and trying to fix up what's "wrong" with it. It would take me an eternity trying to write down lots of stuff about it in new words again, but I started to express this idea to a friend of mine in facebook (Mateo probably knows this guy!) so I might as well copy paste here what I wrote him. Notice that there are lots of things that are yet uncovered in this, and this is mostly only the beginning.

Message #1

The main character is a good soccer player who goes to high school with his girlfriend Sharon, another girl called Nata and other schoolmates who won't play that important role in the game. They also live in a normal world like we do - there are no pokemon or anything like that. Sharon is a kind and smart girl while Nata is probably a bit stupid and tends to slap the main character to the face quite often, just because she tends to do that.

(Some random things happen at this part of the game. Mainly, stuff to make the player see how things are and what kind of people Sharon and Nata are and so on.)

Then one day, the main character hurts his head while they're playing soccer at school. The injury is really bad and the main hero goes unconscious. He might not even wake up at all if the doctor didn't give him a powerful medicine that affect his "emotional intelligence".

Message #2

The main character got hurt really bad in a soccer game and was taken to the hospital, Sharon comes along. The main character goes unconscious, and might become paralyzed if nothing was done. Doctor decides to give him an injection that could affect on the emotional level of his brain. However, the main character doesn't wake up after getting this medicine injection.

(For some reason, the main character looks a bit different than before. He certainly looks similar to the one who got unconscious, but he's clearly not the same guy. From now on, I'll be referring to this guy as MC (main character)).

MC finally wakes up, the same doctor, nurses but a different girl alongside him. Apart from them, there are a couple of Chansey wandering around. That girl, Nata (Nata is the bad girl who used to slap the real main character often) hugs MC and says how she's been so worried about him. MC is of course very surprised and also asks where Sharon is. Nata then again is amazed at this, and asks the doctor, how long should it take for MC to get in full condition. Doctor tells that it's totally normal that mind is a bit fuzzy in this kind of a situation. He also says that it would be better if he and the nurses could check up MC on their own and Nata would leave them.

Nata: "Okay, I'll go. But you better get in shape soon MC! [Slaps MC to the face]"
MC: "Ouch! That hurt a little." [Nata leaves]
Doctor: "MC. Had you seriously forgotten about Nata? According to her, you two have been together for the previous three years."
MC: "... Have I and her really been together doc?"
Doc: "Ah... It seems the medicine did hurt your brain indeed. You see, you were in bad condition and might not have waken up at all. We had no choice but to give you this injection that would probably bring you back to us, but possibly, do some changes to the way you remember things." MC: "..."
Doc: "This should only be temporary though. You'll probably have a few other hallucinations as well, but they should fade away soon."
MC: "So you're saying that me thinking I've been together with a person called Sharon is a hallucination?"
Doc: "Yes, that's how it has to be."
MC: (I guess he could be right. After all, how Nata slapped me there felt like I had experienced it before.)
Doc: "Well that does it. You're free to go now."
MC: "Huh? Just like that? Shouldn't I be left to be watched for a little while?"
Doc: "Nah. Everyone can be a bit fussy after that kind of experience. Go home and take rest, you'll be fine.
PH: "I guess..." [MC looks at the Chansey]
MC: (I wonder what that animal is, never seen one before.)

And that's what I have written him so far. I can expand more to here if you like though.
(If MC talks to one of the nurses, they tell that these pokemon are Chansey.)

And that does it for now! :P
If you want to know more, I can post a little bit more content here until the part where things would start to get more exciting.

6th October 2013, 10:00 PM
Oooo, going into the dream world huh?


This sounds pretty cool, and I love the name :D

6th October 2013, 10:07 PM
Oooo, going into the dream world huh?
Dammit :D
Shouldn't have said that there actually. I thought that all I had written would have already explained it, but they actually don't. But we'll get there if I decide to add more content later.

This sounds pretty cool, and I love the name :D
Thanks! The name comes from the fact that you enter another "reality" (well not really to be precise).