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12th October 2013, 05:48 PM
Okay everyone. This is my first Post. Just check out my Welcome thread to see who I am.

Anyway - I have a few ideas, and before i go heads first into Hacking, I would like to get a feel as to what is possible and what isn't. (All information pertaining to Pokemon FireRed)

Special/Physical Split - Would it be possible to implement this into the Gen 3 Games somehow?

Shadow Pokemon - Hear me out. This is my main Idea - I conceive as each Shadow Pokemon a Separate entity for coding purposes to its non shadow form. It would have a different Moveset, and different stats, so I think this would be the best way to do it.

Imagine two new "Evolution Stones" "The Shard of Darkness" and "The Shard of Radiance". Imagine I have a Pidgey. If I "Use" The Shard of Darkness on the Pidgey, then the Pidgey will seem to "Evolve" not into a Pidgeotto - but into a "Shadow Pidgey" Will is capable of Evolving into a "Shadow Pidgeotto" at lvl 18, or into a "Pidgey" if I use a "Shard of Radience" on it.

This is dependent however, on a limitless Evolution Cycle. Theoretically, a normal Pidgey could go through 6 evolutions in its life. If the Game is hardcoded to only allow a three stage evolution tree - and wouldn't be confused by a split tree evolving into a stage. Does anyone know if this is possible? The fact that Eevee has so many gives me some hope that this is possible.

On a similar note, is a Cylindrical Evolution cycle possible? Is Devolution?

(Note due to what I imagine are Pokemon Number constraints, only the first two Generations of Pokemon would be in this - and maybe a few Custom Fakemons - such as a Tarus/Miltank Prevolution.)

Anyway, thanks - and remember these are just ideas - I am very new this whole concept of Hacking yet to even begin starting this out. Many Thanks.

14th October 2013, 12:17 AM
Does anyone know if these ideas are possible?

Pia Carrot
14th October 2013, 12:43 AM
Special/Physical Split - It's been conceived in Gen 2 hacks, so I'm sure.
Shadow Pokemon - Been attempted by many, think you'd need some heavy ASM for this.
Imagine two new "Evolution Stones" - Again, this ties in with your shadow pokemon, new stones are possible but this would require heavy assembly.
limitless Evolution Cycle - Possible, requires assembly.

On a similar note, is a Cylindrical Evolution cycle possible? Is Devolution?
A) Probably not, depends on your definition of cylindrical evolution
B) probably. Assembly.

14th October 2013, 02:42 PM
Yes new evolutionary stones would require ASM im sure as you would need to attach the routine to an item so yea..
Limitless evolution you meen can evolve as many times as you want well actually if thats what you meen it doesnt require asm at all just the program that yoiu can edit evolution and levels so i meen it will be possible until lvl 100 after than you can lvl up anymore so evolution would stop but im not 100% sure what you meen..

15th October 2013, 02:46 PM
Okay, I have been experimenting, by having a Bulbasaur evolve into an Ivysaur normally, but also into a Squirtle with a Water Stone, and a Charmander with a Fire Stone. (Its Evolutions can also evolve into their counterparts) with the appropriate stone.

This means, (I believe) that I can create a Second Pokemon, (For Example, Shadow Bulbasaur) which will evolve into a Non Shadow equivalent with the appropriate stone. I can therefore make a a new Stone, to turn pokemon into Shadow Equivalents.

These Pokemon will have higher stats, but not learn any new moves in their Shadow Form.

Now these are a few ideas. I do not know if this is possible:

- A script that will replace All moves learned by a Pokemon with New Moves when it evolves. (This will cause Shadowing/Purification multiple times to revert its move sets.) Is this easily doable?
- Adding New Moves. Speaks for itself. Is it possible to create new moves without over writing old moves? Is there a Limit?
- Expanding the Pokedex - i.e having more than the 350 is Pokemon in FireRed? Adding New Pokemon without overwriting old Pokemon.I would like to have approximately 500 Pokemon In Fire Red, as each Pokemon will Have a "Shadow" Form, that is visibly distinct. Enemy Trainers might have Shadow Pokemon, Etc.

- > Adding the Special/Physical Split to Gen 3. You say this has been done in Gen 2? Does anyone now of any tutorials or resources detailing this?