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13th February 2014, 02:48 AM
I really need help because i would like to create a wiki for gba rom hacks since the development of awesome hacks are in real need of a spotlight.

If anyone is interested in creating one or if anyone knows any wiki that displays a detailed description of many great rom hacks please tell me.

I think many hacks deserve a better spotlight not only in pokemon game hacking but also in several games such as final fantasy hacks with its fftaX and ff6bnw and fire emblem with the last promise. Contact me if you guys think it should be made and if any are willing to help with the creation :)

Pia Carrot
13th February 2014, 03:43 AM
I recommend WikkaWiki, it's lightweight and get's the job done.

23rd March 2014, 06:55 PM
This is an awesome idea. I'm sorry I am no help.

23rd March 2014, 08:12 PM
While it currently only covers GBC hacks and doesn't have a ton of pages yet, I started a wiki for Rom Hacks back before Celadon Mansion and RHO/PHO merged. It would be fine to post things about GBA hacks there as well, the only reason it currently has nothing but GBC hacks is because I was mainly focusing on my own hacks to get it started, and so far they have only been GBC hacks :p You are of course welcome to make your own, but I thought I would mention that I've already started one so we could just expand it instead of making a lot of smaller ones.

Since this sort of falls into this category, I'll post a link to it here:

The goal I had in mind when starting this wiki was to cover hacks in the same manner that Bulbapedia covers the official games. That means:

- A main spotlight/overview page for each hack. There are examples of this already on the wiki. It would include some screenshots, plot description, list of notable changes and features (which links to pages where different features would be explained more fully, of course). The page for one individual hack however would not try to list every little thing about that hack though, just the main spotlight stuff.
- Pages for every town and area in the region. These would have collapsible sections labeled for each hack that the area appears in. So for example, the page for "New Bark Town" would have sections for Liquid Crystal, Pokémon Christmas, Crystal Dust, etc. That way it is easy to find information about an area without getting confusing as to what happens in which hack.
- Pages for new features, Items, Etc. if necessary. Obviously there is no need to make a page called "Wailmer Pail" that only says "Yeah, you water stuff with it." But if it was something like, idk, "Friend Safari" you could add a page to explain exactly what that was, and detail what sort of things people might want to know. These pages would probably also have collapsible sections to avoid spoilers in places and to separate games if the feature appears in more than one game.

So yeah, just mentioning that.