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Zerkrom the Hedgehog
11th April 2014, 09:03 PM
Who I Am and My Past
Oh Hi There, Welcome to my Team Thread! My name is Zerks and I need some assistance.
I been in hacking for a long time. Ever since I saw Pokemon Quartz, Ive been wanting to create something new, something exciting. I seriously need you guys to help me with this thing.Ive been into making stories for Poke-Hacks for about as long as Ive been here and Pokecommunity: 3 Years. And during that time ive seen and played many good hack betas and finished versions. And Ive seen so many hacks Die. Including mine. And I dont mean to offend anyone but. Ive had people who joined at times where they have gotten too busy to help, due to personal matters. While I say that's a good reason to drop out fora time being. Please let me know if anything important is coming up before you join. This help me out alot with keeping everyone's work consistent and clean.Furthermore, I'd like to talk about this hack. Like I said, its been redun in story, concept and even the region map., Ive began drawing a large region called Terratropi, a two-in-one region that had alot of Mid-evil references in it. Then It became Neuvo, a region with alot of ancient history with it. Needless to say, it didnt take off either. And now with the same Region map as Neuvo, and with a new concept. Pokemon Funjin Spinel/Ruby is back again. I wanted to bring in the basic concept of Pokemon, but add a new feeling to it. To make it feel that YOU are the trainer inside the story-driven world. That YOU decide where to go and what pokemon you have. let's work together to make this hack take off and see the light of day!

Hack Info
Name: Pokemon Funjin Spinel/Purple Meteor
ROM Base: Fire Red (U)

Q and A

Q: Why did you move the thread here?
A: Mainly because I want to try somewhere new, also I just feel that it will help out alot more with getting some attention for the hack

Q: Ugh! Why does your hack have Fakemon!
A: Because honestly, Fakemon are kinda cool to put into hacks, as well as new regions and trainers. But for this one, Im allowing everyone to submit an idea for a fakemon to have some user input, BUT not a whole lot. We dont want to overload the team.

Q: Why Pokemon Fire Red, I-I-I Thought You'd Do Ruby.
A: We'll be doing FireRed. Its been months for me to decide what ROM Base would be used. And Honestly, I do say I want to do Emerald or Ruby, but FireRed's Tiles are Better looking in some ways.

The Plot
Welcome to the Region of Crest. Located off the coast of Kanto. Its a very small region Possibly just an Island but no, its a Region a little small, but its a Region with its own Professor and League. Enter Jewel, a 16 year-old girl with a hair of Sapphire. And her childhood friend Chris. Both are students of the renowned Professor Banzai, a Pokemon Prof. in the line of Pokemon Abilites. He has 3 stations including his main lab in Tropi Town, located in the area below the Southern Grassland. He hands the two a Pokedex for the entire Region, and some Pokeballs, as well as the choice of Treeko, Mudkip, or Torchic. But before he could give the two trainers some beginners advice, the good Professor was taken away by a Woman in a Purple Jacket, and Black Cap, as well as one of the starters (the one that was left behind). Chasing after her, you find out that she is part of a troupe called Team Blacklust. You defeat her and win back the professor who then tells you to go and try to enter the Crest League, and from there on, Jewel and Chris make the journey to the north.
The Idea of the Story
Well, the idea mainly came from an inspiration from Anime, past Pokemon titles, and various forms of imagination. I feel as if some hacks have an over the top plot with Light and Dark and all this and that. I felt that maybe if I combined the simple plot of Pokemon with some small complex plot ideas from various forms of story writing, such as Drama, Comedy etc, then maybe this will open the door for hackers to focus on simular plots.

Main Cast
Prof. Banzai - The Pokemon Prof. of Crest. He specializes on Pokemon Abilities and moves. He is also the former Champion of the Region and has even met it's legendaries.

Apallo Sunburst - A mysterious trainer who you will meet in various locations in your adventure. He is known for his flame styled hair and Orange Colored Glasses on his eyes. He is on a journey across the Region of Crest to find something....

Geoff - Leader of Team Blacklust. His team is known for its acts in the criminal underworld. From terrorism to poaching Pokemon. Though, he has a true target of world Domination he sits back and does regular criminal
activities. He is married to Melissa, a truly evil woman.

Melissa - Geoff's wife and Co. Founder of Team Blacklust. She's very twisted and horrible, with a heart of Black and a soul of darkness. All she wants is to make her husband into a dictator, but some Grunts only see her as just a person who wants the power for her self...

Gregg - Second in command in Team Blacklust. It seems that Geoff and Gregg are more close than anyone in the Team..... even closer than Melissa.

Natasha - A high ranking commander in Team Blacklust. She has feelings for Geoff and is willing to put her life on the line for him. Though she is only a teenager, and Geoff is a married man, she still feel some affection for him.

The Pokemon League
Gym Leaders
Amber - Ground and Bug
Zircon - Ice and Water
Ruby Ann - Fire
Amethyst - Posion
Crystal & Quartz - Ghost and Normal
Citrine - Fighting and Electric
Peri (Peridot) - Grass
Topaz - Dragon

The Elite 4
Gurahk - Flying
Suika - Psychic
Crym - Dark
Madi - Various

Planned Features
-New Region!
- An Exciting New Story
- Exotic Trainer Pallets and Sprites
- New Eeveelutions
- New Fakemon and some returning Pokemon including Gens 2 - 4 with
- New Trainer Classes
- Bikes? HA! Introducing: A.Shoes (Action Shoes)

Help Needed:
- Spriting
- Overworld Spriting
- Programing
- Scripting
- Title Screen
- If I were to have anything else that I need done I will put it here.

Team Members:
- Zerkrom the Hedgehog (Story,Some Pokemon Editing)

Submission Form:
Position for Team (specify which job you can do):
Other skills you have:
Hacking Career (How Long have you Been Hacking)
Other hacks you may have worked on:
Proof of previous work:
How often you Get Online (provide timezone as well):
Primary Contact (AIM, MSN, Skype, etc) ((Skype is a Plus)):


16th April 2014, 10:38 AM
I'm not 100% sure yet but I might want to join sometime.
Hacking career: I only started hacking Winter (or Summer in America) last year. But since then, I'm way better at it. I'm currently working on my own hack, but I've never been in a team before.

Sorry I got no proof of my work but my game is up to its 3rd gym and in my opinion it's not too horrible.

What I can do:
Mapping - I can make OK maps so far but nothing mind-blowing.
Scripting - Again I can't do anything mind-blowing.
I can't sprite for ****
I FINALLY WORKED OUT HOW TO MAKE AND INSERT WORLD MAPS so if you need me for that I can do it.
I can't make title screens but if someone else makes one I'm pretty close to learning how to insert one.

I'm in a completely different times one to everyone (except some Japanese and some Russians) so I can't really do instant communications. But I do have Dropbox.
Another problem is I'm still at school so I don't really have that much time. Only about 5 hours per week, sometimes more.

Again, I'm still not 100% sure, since I have such a tight schedule, but I'll let you know if I do want to join.

Zerkrom the Hedgehog
18th April 2014, 06:40 AM
Ok I changed up alot of stuff on here, if anything is inconsistent, please let me know.