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8th May 2014, 10:00 PM
Hey. I've been kinda occupied, but I've had an idea cooking in the back of my mind for a while now. Ever since I was little, I had always wondered what it'd be like if there were Pokemon where I live. Now, since reaching a logical conclusion that they can't possibly obey the laws of physics or conservation of matter, I've settled for something smaller: A hack based on my state. I'm just putting the idea down, I'm not sure if I really wanna go for it. but...

Idea: Limestone Version (lame name, but it works for now)

Base: FireRed 1.0 (and perhaps MrDollSteak's cool patch?)

Region: "Tejos" (name also lame, based on most of Texas with a little of Louisiana)

13-15 Continental Cities and Towns, with access to several islands post-game (based on Hawaii - the Olahu Archipelago)
Climates and terrain varying from dry canyons, snowy forests, and calm beaches
8 Gyms of varying types (including a dual-type gym), rematches done in a fashion similar to HG/SS
Proposed Bonus House containing a set of teams centered around different strategy types (including two cameo teams)

Pokemon: 417 Old Species across the current 6 Gens, with some concepts for Fakemon (if they'd be interesting enough for people)

Potential Legendaries include the Winged Mirages, Mew, Lugia, Celebi, the Eon Duo, the Weather Trio, Jirachi, Heatran and the Sea Angels (though, Phione isn't quite a legendary...)

Plot: While the games have become increasingly wild in their evil teams and events, I wanted to take a simpler path with this game.

Starting out in a rural area (Possibly Route 1?), you (the player) and your friend witness a bunch of jerks harassing their neighbors for their land. Pissed at it, they set off on a journey to become strong enough to protect their homes (and later the region) from this group. As you continue on your journey, you'll end up thrashing the gang multiple times before finally confronting the head behind all of the troubles. Even after the Elite Four are down, you may have to deal with remnants of the organization.

I'll return in a little while with a little more detailed write up of some of these things. A mock up map is attached. It doesn't have the current divisions in the routes (there's a total of 19 Mainland Routes, 13 Cities/Towns not including the League) but it gets the point across.

Let me know what you all think.

Edit: I've cleaned up my list of proposed fakemon and included them here. Most have a Typing, Ability, and number of members in their Evolutionary line. Still, there's plenty of room for improvement.

Evil/Tough Armadillo, Screaming Hairy Armadillo (Rock, Dark/Rock, Bandillo, Bristlero, Shell Armor/ Run Away, Bulletproof/No Guard) 2
Hummingbird species (Branch Evolution, Grass/Flying, Grass/Flying, Fairy/Flying, Sap Sipper-Serene Grace/Speed Boost) 3
Raccoon/Bluebonnets (Grass Starter: Petalotor, Floraccoon, Tanubonnet, Grass, Grass/Fairy, Grass/Fairy, Magic Guard) 3
Chili Peppers/Rattlesnake (Fire Starter: Pepperattl, Hisserrano, Naganero, Fire/Poison, Strong Jaw) 3
Barton Springs Salamander (Water Starter: Salamini, Axolake, Salamarine, Water, Water/Psychic, Water/Psychic, Regenerator) 3
Lynx/Sphinx, Abyssian, Egyptian Mau (Rock, Rock/Psychic, Tombcat, Slynx, Prankster/Analytic, signature move - Riddle) 2
Longhorn/Cattle (split evolution, gender unknown first form, Bovittle, Daireeze, Brandhorn, Ground/Normal, Ground/Ice, Ground/Fire, Rivalry/ Sap Sipper, Ice Body/Sap Sipper, Flash Fire/Sap Sipper, new move - Stampede) 3
Ladder-backed Woodpecker (token bird-line, Normal/Flying, Grass/Flying, Grass/Flying, Rock Head, Beakling, Nuttaleaf? Piculeaf?, Woodrill) 3
Green Kingfisher (Water/Flying, token Pokemon, Swift Swim/Sniper) 1
Ground Skink (Ground, Ground/Grass, Skand, Reptonic, Hustle/Sand Rush) 2
Kricket/Locust (more agility than sound based, Bug/Dark, Crickeat, Exocust, Swarm/Quick Feet) 2
Horned Toad Lizard (Rock, Rock/Dragon, Iron Barbs, Lizarb, Draghorn, Stone Evolution [Sun Stone?]) 2
Atlantic Purple Sea Urchin ( Water/Rock, Water/Steel, Orechin, Atlance, Poison Point/Battle Armor, Iron Barbs/Solid Rock, new move - Lance Strike) 2
Mexican Free-tailed Bat (Grass/Flying, Fruibat, Batcardi,Chlorophyll/Technician) 2
Firefly line (Bug/Electric, Larvolt, Chrysalamp, Flightning, Illuminate/Static, Shed Skin/Shed Skin, Lightning Rod/Volt Absorb) 3
Lionfish (assholes, Volitoxic, Water/Poison, Poison Point/Adaptability) 1
Corgi (Ground/Fairy, Dweorgi? Corgsies?, Playful and tricky, Cute Charm/Hustle) 1
Jack Russell Terrier (Tussell, Ground/Fighting, basically speedy, Quick Feet/Scrappy) 1
Mosquito (Bug/Water, Bug/Grass, Swift Swim-Infiltrator/Hydration, totally cool, bunch of leeching moves, perhaps even the fangs, Swiggler, Mossquito) 2
Komodo Dragon (pseudo, Dragon, Dragon/Poison, Dragon/Poison, Komaby, Komundo, Komodon, Strong Jaw/Swift Swim) 3
Hibiscus (Grass Pure, Flowdor, Hibiscent, Healer/Solar Power) 2
Loach, Arowana, Chinese Dragon, Various Martial Arts (pseudo[?], Fighting/Water, Fighting/Dragon, Fighting/Dragon, Iron Fist/Shed Skin, Loach'uan, Arowushu, Shaolong) 3
Chupacabra (Dark/Ground, Chewpup, Mawcabra, Strong Jaw/Sand Rush) 2
Possessed Spellbook (Ghost/Psychic, Boomark/Spellspook, Glosscary, Phantome, Magic Guard/Analytic) 3
Snowman (Ice/Fairy, Snowdomo, Flurrae, Snow Body/Refridgerate Snow Warning) 2
Skeleton, Catrina Calavera, Calaca, Marauder (Ghost, Ghost/Ground, Ghost/Fairy, Skullaca, Skeleterra, Ghosada, Weak Armor-Sand Force-Prankster/Cursed Body-Cute Charm) 3
Cholla, Prickly Pear, Saguaro Cacti (Grass/Fire, Chollight, Cactorch, Saguaroast, Iron Barbs/Flame Body, Sun Stone) 3
Woodland Vole (Electric/Ground, Volet? Vohm?, Sap Sipper/Quick Feet) 1
Sailfish, Swordfish/Billfish, Fencing terms, (Water/Fighting, Pierry Dwarfence, Seaposte Saillion, Sig. Move is Ocean Slash, Swift Swim?Scrappy/Speed Boost? Steadfast?) 2
Seraph, Divinity, Cleansing (Fairy/Fire, Flareraph, Legendary, Sig. Move is Clean Flame, Serene Grace/Levitate) 1
Semislug/Snail, Emerald Sea Slug, Leafy Sheep Slug, (Bug/Water, Bug/Water, Bug/Rock, Bug/Grass, ???, Sig. Move is Mucus Ball, Gooey/Weak Armor-Hydration-Sand Force-Leaf Guard) 4

9th May 2014, 10:18 AM
All the names you're using are pretty good. (I.e. Game, region, towns, fakemon) So don't worry if you think they're lame.