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Houndoom Smash
6th June 2014, 07:45 PM
So this is an idea for a Pokemon hack that's been in my head ever since I found out about ROM hacks, about a year ago. I'm not a ROM hacker yet, but I plan to give it the old college try to make this a reality, so hopefully it's okay if I thoughtdump my ideas here. If I quit and decide it's too hard for me to pull off, well, hopefully whatever I write here can influence someone else.

(Pokemon Bronze is just a throwaway title, someone's probably already used it anyway.)


ANYWAY, Pokemon Bronze is a Gen-II based adventure that would take the player to a brand new, yet-to-be-named region inspired by the Sevii Islands. The Kanto/Johto area recently suffered an economic collapse/bubonic plague/zombie apocalypse/some other major event that has driven most of the population out and facilitated the sighting of some familiar faces in this new up-and-coming region.



There would be at least ten islands (home island + 8 gym islands + Pkmn league island), probably a couple more, all connected via ferry. Each island would have a central city where the harbor would be located, and the remainder of the island would consist of routes, caverns, and maybe some small settlements. In addition to a badge and a TM, your reward for defeating a given gym leader would include a ferry pass to the next island. Some of the islands will have smaller outlying isles within Surfing distance.



The Pokedex: I'm not entirely sure how this works, but I'm guessing that in order to bring a new Pokemon into the game I'd have to replace an existing one. Which is fine, since I feel that there are a lot of GSC Pokemon that are just kinda... there and don't really add anything to the game. Assuming this is the case, I'd probably keep about 3/4 (maybe 4/5) of the existing Pokedex and replace the others with Pokes from future games.

Starters: Not sure about starters. I could use the gen 1's or the gen 2's, I've also thought about Fighting/Psychic/Dark-type Fakemon starters, although this is probably way too ambitious for little ol' no-hacking-experience me.

Foreign Pokes: I'd be looking to bring over at least the following Pokes from future games:

Axew +evos
Bagon +evos
Deino +evos
Beldum +evos
Litwick +evos
Snorunt +evos
Meditite/Medicham (w/ Pure Power accounted for in their base stats)
Ralts +evos OR Gothita +evos OR Solosis +evos
Glaceon and Leafeon
Many of the Gen 4 evos such as Weavile, Ambipom, Mismagius, etc.

Ghosts: Gastly and friends would have their poison type removed. It's always holding them back...



Gym Leader Battles: Would be considerably more difficult than usual. Each Gym Leader would carry three Pokemon, and in an effort to give more of an 'official Pokemon League match' vibe, the player could only bring three Pokemon (or less) into the battle, the rest being left with some attendant somewhere or something. Each of the Leader's Pokemon's level would equal that of the highest leveled Poke the player is bringing into the battle (ex. if the player is bringing a L28, L29, and L32 into a battle, all the leader's pokes would be L32).

The player's bag would be taken and the player would given a bag with pre-set items instead, matching the items of the Leader's bag, so each combatant would have the same items available to them. The items would change depending on the leader. Each leader's Pokemon has a pre-set hold item, and any Pokemon used by the player would keep their hold item as well.

This only applies to leader battles. Gym junior trainer battles would just be regular battles.

Elite Four Battles: Same deal as Gym Battles, but the NPC would have six pokemon, so the player could bring six pokemon. Instead of being themed based on type, the NPC teams would be themed based on strategy (ex. a Baton Pass team). Also, instead of one bag for each battle, one bag would be given to the player at the start of their challenge, and they would have to ration the items in it.

Type Interaction: Water pokemon will be immune to water attacks, ditto for electric pokemon and electric attacks. Never really made sense to me why they would be damaged by their own type.

Hold Items: Gen II game = no natures or abilities. I would like to create hold items that emulate some of the abilities from future games though. For example:

Iron Fist = 2x power on punching moves when held by fighting types.
Iron ___ = same, but with kicking moves
Sun Tag = Drought (expires after use)
Rain Tag = Drizzle (expires after use)
Snow Tag = Snow Warning (expires after use)
Sand Tag = Sand Stream (expires after use)
White Smoke = White Smoke/Clear Body (stats can't be lowered)
Shadow Tag = prevents enemy escape when held by ghost types

Attacks: Make it possible to have special fighting type moves or physical water type moves, like in Gen 4 onward. I wouldn't overhaul the game's attack pool though. The elemental punches would become physical, Outrage would become physical, all currently existing Dark moves would become physical, Shadow Ball and Sludge Bomb would become special, Hyper Beam would become special, and that's probably about it for changes to existing moves. New moves listed below would fill the void for special fighting/steel moves and physical water/grass moves and stuff.

Actually, one more. Dragon Rage would be changed. When used by a non Dragon type, it would deal the standard 40HP of damage. When used by a Pokemon with a Dragon type, however, it would turn into a 120 base power special attack (so with STAB it's a de-facto 180 power). Because Dragon Rage should be ferocious.

New Attacks: Drain Punch, Brick Break, Aura Sphere, Meteor Mash, Flash Cannon, Bullet Punch, Scald, Aqua Jet, Shadow Punch, Aerial Ace, Air Cutter, Hail, Psyshock, Dark Pulse, Knock Off, Venoshock, U-Turn, Silver Wind, Leaf Blade, Quiver Dance, Bulk Up, Calm Mind


Alright, I'm sick of typing this, lol. Most of these ideas are probably either terrible or impossible. But yeah, feedback I guess.

EDIT: After searching and bookmarking a bunch of gen II code threads, I have come to the conclusion that this is indeed impossible.

Pia Carrot
6th June 2014, 10:33 PM
Nice ideas. (Btw there is already a complete Gen II hack named Bronze but it's your hack, you can call it what you want ;p) I'd suggest staying away from fakemon unless your ENTIRE dex is made of fakemon, it will detract from the game and many people would be less inclined to play it.

Just about everything you've listed is doable, pretty sure there is documentation on changing type weaknesses/resistances. As far as the new items, that will take some work and looking into. I can't imagine trying to call a weather effect with an item, but I'm sure it can be done.

Don't doubt yourself! Play around with some tools and see what you can do, then try the harder stuff. I'm sure you could really flesh this out into a great hack if you apply yourself :)

Houndoom Smash
7th June 2014, 04:30 PM
I found G2map, been messing around with that a bit. The program freaks out when I try to edit people though, it always gives me one of two error messages. Either 'cannot access disposed object' or 'incorrect input string'. Annoying.

EDIT: Quick little Grass-type gym I threw together:


7th June 2014, 04:43 PM
Awesome looking idea you can make a fake eeveelution to make espon , umbreon and fake evolution trio and the fakemon will be fighting type. Just as i will be doing in next release of Pokémon spirit pearl. Best of luck. If you need help I will always be there.if need help pm me.

Houndoom Smash
7th June 2014, 09:58 PM
Okay, so, I'm probably going to have to switch gears and do this on FireRed if I have any shot at making it at a reality. I've browsed this place, Skeetendo, and PokeCommunity quite a bit over the past couple of days and I swear there are five FR/Gen-III threads for every Gen-I/Gen-II thread. And what little I am finding for GSC is making my head spin. The consensus seems to be that FR is best for beginners, so I might as well go where the community support is.

It bums me out though, because I hate natures, abilities, and the EV/IV system used from gen III onwards (as opposed to the EV/DV system in the first two Gens). I'm guessing the first two are fairly easy to get rid of with hacks, but the last one, I don't know. That stuff may be good for competitive battling but it's awful for in-game playthroughs IMHO.

Pia Carrot
8th June 2014, 01:28 AM
Gen 3 has been more popular, yes, but really Gen 2 is a great place to start as well. If you do get stuck on something you can ask questions in the Questions and Answers subforum.

As far as map editors go, try JohtoMap.
Use AGIXP for Sprite inserting, and Tilelayer Pro for uncompressed graphics.

You'll also need a hex editor and a .tbl for it. I recommend GoldFinder for a hex editor. You can find table files over at Swampert Tools.

PKSV for scripting, in conjunction with a hex editor will suffice. Save the assembly stuff like weather items for last.

8th June 2014, 01:14 PM
Hint hint;
"when you know how to do everything with a hex editor that you're using other tools for, you're good to go" :)

For Dark Energy, I hex edit pretty much everything from the start and when I have managed to do finish all the "preliminary stuff" with it, I start using other tools for the job if needed. As an example, new map making process;

1. Check where I want to place the map data if it's going to take more space than originally
2. Re-point the data there, change the x,y values with a hex editor and make the map with Johtomap
3. With a hex editor, change the original event and script data to 00s for new free space.
4. If needed, repoint the map's script and event data to another rom bank
5. Write the "preliminary data" of map's script and map's events with a hex editor *

*what I mean by preliminary data is for example in map's events case;
-choosing how many warps, trigger events, signposts and people events there are going to be in the map
-write the data with a hex editor so that all those events appear in the map and edit their specifics with Johtomap later on

6. Finally after all this is done, I script the events based on what I have planned for them. Normal people event and signpost event scripting works fine by hex editing. For more complicated stuff, I use pksv as well.

So hex editing all the way..

You could take a look at my video tutorials (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_91s-bjHU__doGoOWcSWv4fYoMAtnM8u) in YouTube which shows you many neat things about GSC hacking (apart from the fact that you should learn how to hack these games yourself by watching it). *you'll have to do some practising on your own while at it to keep up though.

Pia Carrot
8th June 2014, 02:24 PM
^To add on to what Miksy91 said, in Gen 2, since it's so small you can even do absurd things such as move the entire Pokedex data with ease.

The only thing I personally haven't gotten yet is map connections, and some hex scripting. Both of which can be learned with practice.

Houndoom Smash
8th June 2014, 04:31 PM
Yeah Miksy, I've seen a couple of your videos. Most of it flew over my head. When I say that I'm a total novice, I'm not kidding. I'm just a clueless noob with a dream.

In other news, I played around with YAPE and FireRed for a bit earlier today, like changing base stats, evolution methods, and overworld weather on a couple of routes just to see if it would work. Now it says that backup memory is busted and I can't save the game. I'm really good at this!

Maybe Emerald would be a better idea, since it has lava (which I want for the Fire-type gym), intense sunlight (which I also want for the Fire gym), surfable water currents (for the Water gym), Dive (is awesome), and no National Dex roadblock. But then I lose the Sevii Islands music... urgh.