View Full Version : Advice for a long time modder, wannabe programmer?

3rd July 2014, 06:32 PM
Good evening,
I am here to ask some advice for where to begin, hopefully someone could help me. I want to (finally) learn a programming language but my problem is that I wish to learn all of them, including ASM, I just don't quite know where to start and I end up doing not much of anything.

For many years now I have had all sorts of experience with modding. I've played around with Python scripts, Lua scripts, Vb scripts and more. I've had plenty of hex editing experience from modding Symbian apps, I've made my own small mods for Fable for windows, Gta 4 etc. It's needless to say I've been playing around with the generation 3 Pokémon games for years now..

Basically what I am saying is that I understand it, that lesson has already been learnt by me. I could probably navigate my way through any programming language if had a list of commands. So at this point I feel my options are open.

Originally I thought I would like to learn ASM first, I felt like it would give me the edge later. But the more I understand about it, the more I would like to learn another language alongside it.

Here is where my big question comes in. I am looking for a language that is broad enough to allow me to understand other languages easier and that is widely used. The more likely it is that I could use it to make money, the better (if it would work for Android then I've struck gold).

A little while ago I started learning C#, however I felt like it probably isn't a very widely used language. I have a leaning towards Python, however Java would be better for Android. Neither of these strike me as languages that would give me a broad understanding though.

Any suggestions anyone? Should I just go for ye olde C++?