View Full Version : [Idea] An unnamed Pokemon Fire Red Hack

26th July 2014, 02:16 PM
Okay. This is a re-post from another hacking community.

This Rom Hack would take place in an academy. (Like DestinedJagold's Life of Guardians and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX! ) Where you learn how to train Pokemon. The game will (hopefully) have:

Day and Night!
All 386 Pokemon being obtainable!
Cameos from characters from the games, anime and manga!
Rideable motorcycles! (Cause, CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES! I mean- Pokemon Battles...)
Possibly Mega Evolution(? If there is an expansion like Jambo's 649 patch, but adds Megas, then that's going in!)
A good storyline with some good scripts...
9 Rivals! All students of the academy!
The villains are the Rare Hunters! But with new motives...
And a lot more! (When I think of a lot more!)

What I need:

Thanks for reading !