View Full Version : Pokemon Kurayami!! (Pokemon Emerald ROM Hack WIP)

25th October 2014, 01:55 AM
Pokemon Kurayami!! (Pokemon Emerald ROM Hack WIP)

As you might know, kurayami means darkness in Japanese. So I got the idea to make a Pokemon ROM hack full of dark type Pokemon. I'm using Emerald because I think it will be the easiest, for me at least. Currently I am only editing Pokemon sprites, to make them look more like dark types, but also still having their original look.

So Far I've Made...
Dark Bulbasaur
Dark Ivysaur
Dark Venusaur

Tools I Am Using...
NSE 2.0 (Nameless Sprite Editor)
YAPE (Yet Another Pokemon Editor)
MEH (Map Editor of Happiness)
AdvanceMap (Because MEH isn't stable yet, but still really good.)
Day & Night Tool (For implementing day and night cycle.)
AdvanceIntroEd (AdvanceIntroEditor)
XSE (For scripting needs.)
Advance Trainer (For trainers of course.)
FreeSpaceFinder (For finding free space in the ROM, duh.)
Misc. Editor (For solving small miscellaneous problems.)
LIPS (Lunar IPS)
Item Manager
And I'll probably add more later.