View Full Version : PHO Skins - Help?

1st January 2015, 09:48 PM
Firstly, I know some basic HTML and CSS, and I thought as a nice project I could try to make a couple of skins for PHO.

Google has been of little to no help in this.

So I was hoping that someone might be kind enough to give me a copy of a compatible skin for the site so that I might play a bit and see how well I can do in creating one of my own.

If possible, I'd like a compatible skin that IS NOT being used by the site at the moment.

A bit of extra information...
~I've spent a fair 2-3 weeks learning HTML and CSS, though it was some ago
~I've seen the ACP for several small forums (most of which I had created)
~I have no experience in creating skins
~I have a year or two of experience in Photoshop, if needed (online tuts mentioned PS a lot)
~I have Notepad++ if needed
~I have no idea where to start
~The themes/skins I'd like to create would be 1 simple dark theme and 3+ MLP themes (Because reasons)

Any help is greatly appreciated!

5th January 2015, 12:04 AM
I think that Team Fail would probably be able to help you, since he put together some of the themes we use currently (I can't remember how many of them haha). If he doesn't happen to see this thread feel free to shoot him a VM and I'm sure he'll be glad to point you in the right direction