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Sabre Du Blade
6th October 2015, 12:30 AM
I decided to create my first pokemon hack, because YOLO! Anyway, my idea was to make a pokemon hack of Emerald that's featured in the future. The three starters would be Salava, the lava lizard pokemon, Detroitise, the mud shell pokemon, and Bulleaf, the horned plant pokemon. The legendaries would be Stroiteconaire, the industry pokemon, Tikhywit, the agriculture pokemon, and Galangel, the traveler pokemon. The game starts with you on a ship heading to Earth II when you get raided by space pirates. Professor Eucalyptus gives you your starter, allowing you to fight your way to the bridge, resueing your mom and dad, the two captains. That's pretty much all I have done right now, and I wanna get a team on it so I can spread the workload. I need:


and that's pretty much it.