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28th December 2015, 02:09 AM
Right, so I'm new to hacking, as in NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE OH GOD HELP ME. So please be supportive and give constructive criticism.

What I have in mind will definitely be a huge project and will require tons of tutorials. If you could help me out, I'd appreciate it a lot.

The hack will be a Fire Red Hack.

Storyline (based largely on Tsubasa Chronicles):

Main Character has a weird dream beforehand & meets the character "PROPH". The dream consists of him meeting a strange girl, Giratina and the Antagonist "VOID". After the MC meets VOID, who captures Giratina and hurts the strange girl, there is a huge earthquake. VOID disappears and in comes PROPH, who tells the MC to wake up.

MC wakes up. Same routine: Gets the pokemon he chooses (Though will be different starters from Bulbasaur, Charizard and Squirtle) and battles Rival. Receives Pokedex and heads out. But there's a huge earthquake and the MC blacks out.

MC wakes up in weird place/blackness called "DREAMS". He meets Proph and the strange girl (I haven't decided on her name....probably Sakura) who tell him that time and space have been warped and that dimensions are starting to break and fall apart. The MC needs to go on a quest to each dimension and retrieve the "Gemstones" (The gym badges) and collect them to restore order. Proph says that the MC may be the prophesied "HERO". Sakura can follow the MC in spirit form to help, as she was the one who battled VOID last.

Haven't gotten all the details yet, but do you like the story so far? Please don't steal it!

In addition, I've got questions:

How do I completely change the introduction?

I've got the Advance Map Editor, but how do I add maps?

I'll need to change a lot of sprites. Is there a way to edit the already existing sprites to be slightly different eg different color scheme, shorter/longer hair, etc. Or will I need to make entirely new sprites?

How do I add earthquakes?

How to change badges to be named "Gemstone"?

Thanks so much!

28th December 2015, 10:10 PM
NVM, I figured out about the sprites. I'm stuck on everything else.