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  1. Miksy91
    23rd December 2013 11:00 PM
    Thanks But don't bother with it really if it's too much trouble.

    Yeah, things can seriously get out of hand if you "base hack on another hack" over and over again (I take it this is what you mean with large scale updates?). Not that working with it would turn out impossible, but rather annoying since you have to double-check everything. "Is this data free space?", if it isn't, "What is this data for?" before you can do anything about it.

    Sounds like a neat idea to implement a hack you two had already talked about (years ago) as the christmas hacking contest. Good luck to that and hopefully you'll have the time to do everything.

    I'm personally doing a hack called "Santa is Missing!" like I showed a screenshot of. You're actually playing as an elf who works for Santa at his workshop. Your mission, along with some other guy, is to do computer work, and follow Santa's movements (it's Christmas so Santa is going around the world delivering presents) with some techinal equipment such as radar and a computer.
    Main hero's working mate notices that Santa has already spent 20 seconds within a certain small area (sounds "bad", doesn't it?), and so, he has almost fallen off the schedule. Your working mate tells you you should go and check out what's taking Santa so long since the radar shows Santa is close by in a place called Winter Town. And so main hero's adventure starts.

    Eventually, you'll find him there in the Winter Town due to some odd reason which I won't explain here. It's a secret!

    May sound a bit lame (or not), but I have figured out lots of neat events along the way to maintain the excitement in the gameplay

    (Currently, finished scripting everything in the workshop. All the other elves, Santa's wife, ... Next, moving on to creating a few areas between workshop and the Winter Town, and hopefully, Winter Town gets completed by the end of the year )
  2. Luna
    23rd December 2013 10:38 PM
    I might be able to use the link as a starting point and just make it fit in better so it doesn't seem out of place.

    And yeah, I try to do that too. And toward the end, I started deleting original data too. Like when I inserted all my new expanded tilesets, I deleted all the old tileset data and stuff and inserted the new graphics and things in the newly freed space where I could. Another problem is that the game has had several large scale updates over the years at this point, but all built off the same rom so it gets BADLY disorganized at times xD But I think we'll manage. I've been mapping out a forest area today. Ours is going to play more like a normal hack in a way, but instead of your goal being "progress through the towns and beat the elite four" it will be "progress through the towns on your way to do something christmasy" and so there will still be a couple of gyms and things. Basically its a region we had already started planning for a "real" hack back before pyro disappeared back in the day, and so we figured doing it this way its a christmas mini-hack and also a very small teaser of a region we'll be fully fleshing out in the future hopefully.
  3. Miksy91
    23rd December 2013 10:04 PM
    Yeah, I know what you mean. Everything gets rather confusing pretty quickly unless you take care of that aspect. I usually delete all the leftover data while I make something new. I also try to fit "the parts that form an entity" close to each other just like done in the original game. It was easy for the game makers though since they just compiled a disassembly / other type of code, and that was it.

    Okay, cool The female elfs aren't that important. For now, all the elfs look just like normal people, but I don't really see that as a bad thing. Everyone playing the game should be able to tell that they're supposed to be elfs though.
    But hey - if it's too much trouble, don't bother with it! *And I could even always copy paste the Gameboy Link-sprite to this mini hack. I had never played Zelda games before, but yesterday I tried one out due to this. However, the walking movement is implemented in a different way than in pokemon games, so if those people were "Links", their movement would feel out of place, so I dropped that idea.
  4. Luna
    23rd December 2013 09:07 PM
    Mainly just that data is in random places. I didn't always make a not of where I moved things to and I didn't usualy delete the original data either so I'm glad that its a mini hack so we don't have to do as many areas and things. So basically just that its disorganized at times. I've tried to keep notes as a I go but didn't always keep up with stuff and so... yeah xD But ok I will see what I can do with those elfs
  5. Miksy91
    23rd December 2013 08:37 PM
    Well if you can come up with male-elf sprite, that would be awesome, but not totally necessary. I will still be referring a couple of original sprites as elfs either way. But I'm sure it's taken in consideration that not everyone is graphically skillful nor have time to do everything he wants.

    I have also made new intro text, new "intro sequence" (this was a bit annoying indeed since it's executed at the moment when the you are put to the starting room) and mapped and scripted most of Santa's workshop (guess that being in the game wouldn't have been much of a mystery since I already said the elfs are working there). I have also planned out everything that's going to happen in the game apart from things like trainers which don't require any preliminary planning.

    Ouch... well good luck with using Christmas hack as the base either way! I take it you have used several "tricks" along the way which make events work incorrectly if you skip some events in the original early game? (Or data is otherwise in random positions and re-editing it is a pain?)
  6. Luna
    23rd December 2013 08:01 PM
    Hey thats fine on the pallets and things I'll see what I can do with those sprites if I get time (I missed that post at first, my bad) but since you say they aren't completely necessary I won't make it a top priority thing.

    Its a bit stressful to me as well. We have a few areas mapped and we've made all new male and female players and I've made new intro text. I don't have much of anything scripted yet though, but I have some of it planned out. The time limit is definitely a hindrance, that's for sure. So is the fact that I'm basing it on Pokemon Christmas instead of a clean rom (I always told people that asked to "just use my graphics, don't use christmas as a base because it is a mess at this point" but I didn't take my own advice xD)
  7. Miksy91
    23rd December 2013 07:33 PM
    Looks like I'll manage totally fine without any overworld sprites although they would always be plus. Other than that, I also wanted to say that I copy pasted all the data regarding palette edits from Winter Wonderland 2012 version to this mini hack.

    Since apart from that, I didn't post about anything that I would necessarily need to have feedback/comment on, how's the work going with you and Pyro by the way? I'm personally finding this a bit stressful even though it is fun. The 1-week time limit won't help one bit. If I had for example one month for this process, I could easily do everything I want but now I have to take a few small additions out and think how to spend time wisely.

    (I could always drop out of the contest because that would make this week a lot easier. But I want to finish this hack in time anyhow. *gotta still do one room, two outside rooms (of which one is a route) and a small town from scratch..)
  8. Miksy91
    22nd December 2013 09:49 PM
    Okay I have your 2012 version lying around in my pc indeed, so I'll just borrow some graphics from that and credit you in the hack.
    If you really wanted to help though, I wouldn't be asking for much, but could you possibly sprite me a few overworld sprites? In fact, one of:
    1. Santa Claus
    2. Santa Claus' wife
    3. Male elfs (working at Santa's workshop)
    4. Female elfs (also working there)

    I bet the only thing missing after those would be the new graphics for the main character (battle and front sprites), but I was thinking of leaving them the way they are from the start, although that doesn't make any sense.

    Hahha! I thought the sole purpose behind the new graphics would have been improved looks, but you had thought it further than that yourself too. But true - it is frustrating when you're expecting others to recognize and "love" it, only to realize people don't care for one bit / don't bother to say anything about it even if they do like what they see. Of course everyone does that, but if for example only 20 people like it (since it's gen II stuff) and none of them comments anything - you know what I mean.

    Right. Generic in terms of hacking often means "boring" as well. That's why I always try to "cause me more trouble". If you let things to be too easy, motivation to continue will drop down for sure. Furthermore, the hack won't turn out anyway special either - just your everyday "travel from town to town" adventure. Not that there would have to be loads of new stuff either - I'd say DE is even a bit confusing because there is often too much that tries to take the player's focus out of the what (s)he's supposed to do.

    Didn't completely understand what you said there about career options, but good luck either way (it's actually term "pursue" that confused me) But hey - just be yourself while trying to bring forth good aspects of yourself that could support the possibility to get those jobs.
  9. Luna
    22nd December 2013 07:13 PM
    And on non-hacking related things, I was talking with a woman after church this morning about some possible career options that my English degree would give me a start in, so I'll be trying to pursue some of those as well. Hopefully something will come around for me soon enough
  10. Luna
    22nd December 2013 07:11 PM
    Sure, I don't mind at all if you use some of my winter tiles, either from the 2012 version or some of the snowy devamps I've posted here as well. If there are any other graphics you had in mind, maybe some other devamps or things you would like to have a snowy version of or something, I would be willing to try and help with that as well

    I can also totally understand what you mean about getting annoyed because people only seem to care about Graphics. Sure I like working with them, but I know they aren't the whole point of the game. I was originally going to be content with snowy Gen II tiles, but decided to put as much Gen III in alongside it as I could while still making it not look out-of-place in an effort to try and get more attention, I won't try to deny it Its definitely frustrating to put effort into something and have it be ignored simply for the platform its on.

    And I've done a bit of that, coming up with things not because they were necessary to the story but to see if I could do it. I know when I was first learning to script, it was fun and exciting because it was something new. But I got bored with it once it also turned into a lot of generic NPCs and repetitive things, it made it so I found it hard to focus on the more interesting things as well because I was just tired of looking at scripts. But yeah, the Practice Battle Machines in the Battle Tower (when they were originally made for Sterling Silver) came from an experiment with scripting when I was learning how trainers worked that weren't the standard type found on routes. Sterling Silver as a whole had a lot of things where I was putting them to learn how to do something generic that I thought I would need to refine to make Secrets and Rumours eventually work out.

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