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Conversation Between locksmitharmy and karatekid552
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  1. karatekid552
    4th March 2014 10:36 PM
    I don't think so. I am swamped with things I need to do as is. Thanks for the offer though.
  2. locksmitharmy
    4th March 2014 07:52 PM
    haha thats good info... id hate to have code overwriting random bytes

    I am considering making a completely new game on the pokemon not even a pokemon game. some new rpg that gives the player the ability to capture new creatures and fight them... one day im sure ill want asm help. are you up for joining the team (it wont likely be started on till i finish fr+)

    Ill want a new game art style, all new tiles and new monsters and whatnot. in a mideval kinda theme with castles and whatnot. but im thinking for asm ill need to change how the battles look (the way the boxes are layed out) and various other asm stuff im sure... not totally sure on anything yet... ive got the beginning of a story lol and a general idea...
  3. karatekid552
    24th February 2014 10:36 PM
    Eww, java. (No offence shinyquagsire:P You make it work somehow, lol) I actually don't mind the language, it is how it is run that disturbs me, haha. Essentially, instead of working with the system, java sets up a basic virtual machine and runs its code inside of that. It still gets the job done though, so I can't argue with the results.

    Anyway, thanks for that. BTW, DO NOT CLOSE THE INSERT ROUTINE BOX in my Thumb editor. There is a small bug that will write the code in some random place, so yeah, don't close it.:P
  4. locksmitharmy
    24th February 2014 07:32 PM
    I like the work you have been doing making tools for hacking. I am excited to make some tools once my schooling gets a little further along. I start a Basic class in a few weeks. lots of java in the coming semesters. I just downloaded your THUMB editor

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