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Conversation Between Sky0fBlades and AJ
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  1. Sky0fBlades
    20th March 2013 06:42 AM
    I use Ghost sometimes but since I've been fighting practice-dummies (being currently without Live Gold) speed really helps but when I get Live I will be perfecting my setup. Now that I think of it... I've seen people in videos making use of the Care Package trick to keep their running speed up, so maybe I'll look into that since I like knifing people so much. xD
  2. AJ
    20th March 2013 01:14 AM
    really? Lol i only used it in bo1 when i went for getting it pro. i mostly ran scavenger flak jacket or ghost lol
  3. Sky0fBlades
    19th March 2013 09:32 PM
    Yeah, I like the look of it, it just kind of... fits me. Plus I wanted a different avatar than a lightning strike for once.
    But anyway, I almost always use that perk when I play CoD since I like to get around quickly.
  4. AJ
    19th March 2013 06:16 AM
    I see you're on that lightweight pro grind. lol
  5. AJ
    18th January 2013 12:21 AM
    Oh I thought you really thought I was pedro lol I was trying to mess with you xD
  6. Sky0fBlades
    17th January 2013 10:09 PM
    I was joking around about your name change to match the original PEDRO12...
    Maybe I was a bit too vague? Lol
  7. AJ
    17th January 2013 12:50 AM
    I'm sorry, what?
  8. Sky0fBlades
    16th January 2013 03:16 PM
    Wha? Haha, weird stuff like this happens every single time I leave for more than a couple of days. Doppelganger stuff is so interesting, isn't it?. *still chuckling in disbelief about that new post count!*

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