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MasterYesevil 24th October 2017 11:41 PM

Pokemon DS Rom Hacking For Dummies
Hi everyone! I just uploaded a series of Pokemon DS rom hacking tutorial vids and wanted to post them here in case they help anyone out. They are definitely not high level stuff, mostly a showcase of how to use tools like Tinke, Kiwi, PokeDS/Pic, DS Text Editor, and PPRE for trainer team editing. So more of a "rom hacking for dummies" kind of guide.

Topics Discussed:

Pt 1: Overworld Sprites (including the elusive HM summon sprite)
Pt 2: Trainer Front/Back sprites and VS faces before a gym battle
Pt 3: Pokemon Sprites
Pt 3.5: Advance Pokemon Edits
Pt 4: Text Editing (OLD WAY)
Pt 4.5: Text Editing 2 (BETTER WAY)
Pt 5: Opening, Intro, Ending locations
Pt 6: Enemy Trainer Pokemon Teams
Pt 7: Pokemon Icons
Pt 7.5: Pokemon Icon Pallets
Pt 8: How to use Photoshop and Graphic Gale
Pt 9: Diamond/Pearl Battle Sprites
Pt 10: Trainer Cards (Both Gen 4 and 5)
Pt 11: HG SS Pokemon Follow Overworld Sprites
Pt 12: 3D BMD0 Overworld Cutscene Trainer Sprites
Pt 13: Pokemon Cries to Pretty Much Anything

If you have any questions, leaving a youtube comment would be a much faster way to reach me.

MasterYesevil 19th November 2017 12:47 AM

Just added part 4-6! Hope they also help!

MasterYesevil 3rd December 2017 06:11 AM

Added part 7!

MasterYesevil 27th May 2018 02:40 AM

Added part 8 and 9!

MasterYesevil 14th August 2018 01:25 PM

Added parts 4.5, 7.5, and 10!

MasterYesevil 27th August 2018 08:24 PM

added part 3.5 and 11. Also uploaded new version of part 7.5

MasterYesevil 17th September 2018 01:29 AM

Added part 12 and 13!

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