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Alex 6th December 2015 09:53 AM

Indigo Hacking Tool Collection
Because the administration at the PokéCommunity deemed it necessary to permanently ban me from their forums, and because WaH is en Espańol and I don't do that Spanish stuff, and also because the only major place besides PC that has a concentration of ROM hacking efforts is here, I have reasonably chosen to publish my endeavours on this forum. RHM is a social site and I've put it there too but no one really cares. We really need to fragment the stranglehold PC has already.

Anyway, welcome. Enter Indigo.

Indigo Hacking Tool Collection

A modern ROM hacking framework for the public.

The Indigo Hacking Tool Collection, or simply Indigo or iHTC, is a Pokémon ROM hacking development framework written in JavaScript. It consists of a core library that provides numerous functions via an API to other applications who choose to use it, along with front-ends for core functionality among other projects.

In the past, the status quo for ROM hacking in the realm of Pokémon (on the Game Boy Advance) has been for developers to essentially write tools from scratch, or look for a library if one was available in their chosen language. Every tool was for themselves to a large degree, and because of this productivity, quality, and functionality all suffered. As an answer to those problems, we're trying to make an effort to end that divide, and provide an open, free, modular framework and more for ROM hackers to use and even build their own tools on.

In the past an effort was made in the Python language to create something similar, called the Generation 3 Hacking Suite, or G3HS. This endeavour fell short on numerous counts: First, the framework was poorly thought-out, with flexibility being limited due to platform-specific requirements. Second, the execution was less than present; what tools were coded were never released or left in alpha. We hope to, at a minimum, avert at least the first of those problems by having our project set to use the console and Electron for our interfaces, and by having a higher degree of modularity in our code.

iHTC is an organization on GitHub; visit it here.


As of yet there is nothing ready for production. Rest assured that when we do have something available, it will be available for all major platforms and will run identically on all of them too.


As long as you know how to write JavaScript, you should be set to go and are more than welcome to fork a repository of ours and open a pull request with your changes. Keep in mind though, we do use Babel and ECMAScript 6, so if you're unfamiliar with that do consider brushing up on what's new. Thank you!

Elsa 6th December 2015 04:31 PM

What a good idea to start from the ground up like that! I will definitely follow the development of this :D

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