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The_Buddha_Wolf 13th September 2014 09:33 PM

Getting your game on a cartridge
On a flash cart or a knock-off cartridge (that is probably made in China or Mexico) which specific flash cart would you want to put your game on? Or would you rather have someone you know (Or a friend/relative of a friend/relative) make you a knock-off cartridge?

Gamer2020 14th September 2014 08:29 PM

Are you asking how to get your game on a cartridge?

EngelDerRisse 6th June 2015 08:21 PM

This is something that I was highly interested in and still am at this point.


I have in the past ordered custom cartridges online through an overseas provider.

The first set of cartridges had a gba rom compiled with Goomba, and Red/Blue/Yellow all included.

I also ordered a second set of cartridges that was comprised of several different gba pokemon hacks.

Something that I immediately noticed was that none of the carts contain a RealTime Clock. Making it so anything that required a regular time system wouldn't work.

This means that if you create a hack, and intend for it to be ported to dedicated cartridges, you would have to create it without any clock based events. Which in turn will not allow you to use such systems as the Day/Night/Seasons system, or the Berries system.


This being the case, I am in the process of attempting to create a Ruby hack, that is entirely devoid of clock based events of any kind.

I want to be able to have it ported to dedicated cartridges so I can hand them out to my friends, and the team of people helping make the hack.

Darkhog 30th November 2015 02:01 AM

Couldn't real time clock be replaced by some sort of timer that runs as long as game is in console and running, then every so often saves to battery save (or flash save)? It wouldn't be real time per se, but would be close enough to get berries/day&night/seasons somewhat working.

Probably would require somewhat deep changes to the ROM and the way game is saved, but it could work in theory...

Sliter 26th December 2015 02:57 PM

well some oeple kills old gold/silver games , replacing the rom for a blank one, then the clock will work ..
there are also some nintendo offcial " blank" carts that the hakers got a way to put everything there XD there also incluse a space for the cloch thing but you nee dto get it from a GS dead cart (or some other wya to get the clock tning?)
It's called GBmemory
there are also a bunch of flashcards and you can even make they work on pokemon stadium :v (for myself I just don't know exactly what to do lol)

For GBA I think only flashcards ... say they aren't that cheap :/
(note: I even thought about getting blank carts and a way to write there, or even asking an chinese company to make some carts for me:v but as a falshcard, isn't that chep ahha )

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