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Aperso 25th October 2014 09:07 PM

An example of a "good" thread for ROM Hacks

[A small Introduction about you and some basic information about the hack such as which ROM you will need to play the hack.] e.g.

Hello, I'm Aperso, and this is my Hack Pokémon Ranger GBA, in order to play this hack, you'll need an English Pokémon Fire Red ROM.

The Team:

(Not an entirely necessary section, but its nice if the people you're working with get mentioned too)

Me: Mapping Scripting Sprite inserting.

A small summery about the story of the game. (You don't have to go too in depth)

Team Rocket have invaded Zuroh, and are now at the highest they've ever been in 12 years. Sadly, the great "Top Rangers" have retired and now younger, less experienced rangers will have to take their place...
Will you, the other rangers, and Chairperson Xak Bring down for good the Infamous Team Rocket?


Show some images of the hack, to prove that it actually exists. Please follow the rules found here:


A video can also be used to show progress.


(Not entirely necessary, but it gives a bit more depth to what the player can expect in the hack).

Ranger Ball (Replaces PokeBall)
New Type of Rocket Members (Rocket Trainee)
All New region - Zuroh
Rangers have rivals (other rangers)


(We all love this section).

Atif- naming the region and characters.
Pia Carrot - Titlescreen.
PEDRO12 - Logo.
Innovator - Helpful, Good suggestions. How much is there to say!
Tool makers - For tools. Duh...

Bugs: Means fixed.

It'd be nice to know if there are some bugs in the hack. We could help you fix them too if we know.


Not a necessary section, but some thread have them.


[All download links for patch (e.g. IPS go here)]

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