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The_Learner 26th September 2016 01:47 PM

Pokemon Dark Destiny
Hello guys,
Its me The_Learner !!!

This thread of mine initially consisted of the old project I had planned and was working on,
But due to lack of a team I failed to get it done.

now I am back again with an interesting idea:
I decided to make a rom hack (most probably taking EM (US) as the rom base)
You can fill this form to get to the team

What this whole thing will be about :
With this hack going on,
none of us will be leader or main-person..
everyone will the the hack-team.

Every decision with the hack will be done taking everyone's suggestion and with the majority decisions.

Some basic idea about the hack story and plotting are already running in my head,
while some are to be used from my previous idea below in the spoiler.

now I just need the team to work on it.

as i said before,
filling the form is imortant to get to the team.
and also,
you can contact here or also in the discord server

Here is the old idea.
Hello everyone.

I am new to rom hacking but preety old to Pokemon.
I am working on a Fire red rom for a brand new hack of mine.
"Dark Destiny"

Hack name: Pokemon Dark Destiny
base rom: Fire red
hacker: The_Learner (me) :P

Features to be included:
  • Reversible in battle mega evolution
  • 721 pokemons as of now (Will add gen 7 when get their proper moveset and other info)
  • fairy type
  • Double wild battles
  • Time box with menu (needs emulator that support RTC)
  • Transparent textboxes
  • new storyline and journey on a new region ( LAPEN region)
  • new tiles
  • Catch experience gain
  • BW repel system
  • Physicial special split with icons
  • New added moves and abilities (currently working on it, i think it will take some time)
  • Hack mew's pokedex glitch fix
  • Sideway stairs
  • ......many more coming soon


A man from LAPEN region saw an evil organizations.
There were wearing strange dresses and were reffering to someone as their BOSS.

He even said that he heard they were planning something very large and dangerous,
but they spotted the man (eventually the then LAPEN league champion)
He had a fierce battle with all of them, He gave his very best and even had defeated the Elders of that evil organization....
but due to a head on battle he couldn't stand a chance against the Leader of the organization.
since then the then LAPEN Champion hasnt been seen anywhere.
Now you(The_player) are finally 10 years old; eligible to get a Pokemon of your own..... Trying to be the best trainer (The Master) of all time,
Inspired from your elders you are setting your journey on the LAPEN Region.
In your journey you come to know the event that had happened the year you were born.
You meet the bad organization that was started then and now are famous as the name of Team ELEMENT.
You while continuing on your journey to be the ultimate best also try to bring an end to the bad guys.
And hence your journey starts in the LAPEN Regions with a lots of mystery and excitement :D

Pls tell How do you like the story :D

Screenshots :


None yet...


none yet :P

More info about this hack really soon.

Pankajblitz 6th October 2016 04:59 AM

Sweet game man the title screen looks amazing. I will be waiting for this hack.

The_Learner 29th May 2017 11:27 AM

I updtaed the main thread with a new idea.

if you want to be part of the team then you can message me anytime :)

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