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Darkness 17th May 2015 08:10 AM

Advance Map Tiles Glitched ! WHAT a mess !
WHAT a mess !
That'S the first thing i thought. I've never changed tilesets with success before,finally i could because of The tutorial "Tleset Insertion For Dummies" in Google,well,i did this :
- Set a background TO my tileset and then decreased color depth
- Opened image with TileHelper (image .bmp) and then exported in same format and exported pallette for Advance Map 1.95
- Uploaded pallette to ROM by block editor
- Exported tileset
- Paste my tile to tileset
- Uploaded new tileset
- Inserted correctly to rom with block editor
- Got perfectly in into Advance Map "city preview " (when You can see game 's maps and Where you can edit map with your tilesets
- Everything OK but ingame i get strange colors like blue ,black in tree's grass,
That part is glitched and in other cities too. HOW can i FIX it?

soulryu 17th May 2015 03:55 PM

can you show pictures of the problem?
also from what I just read maybe you didn't change the colours of the tile to match the palettes in advance map.
did you do the eraser trick?

Sky0fBlades 18th May 2015 07:59 PM

There may be a few different things going wrong;

Try using Advance Map 1.92 instead of 1.95 to repeat your steps and see if it changes anything - since 1.95 is a bit buggy sometimes.

If that doesn't work, double-check your palette entries with a program like Irfanview, and make absolutely sure all 16 entries have RGB hues that use only multiples of 8 and then try reinserting their palette over an unused palette in the tileset you are changing.

If even that won't work (and if you are planning on overhauling the whole in-game tileset), you can create an entirely new tileset using Advance Map 1.95 (since it is an exclusive feature to 1.95), set the amount of blocks you want (before saving the new tileset to the ROM), then move back to 1.92 to do the rest of your editing.

Oh, and also make sure that the color for your background is the first color index in the palette (AKA index #0).

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