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Originally Posted by Pia Carrot View Post
Well, we've tried countless times to revive this site. It gets a little action and becomes a limp noodle again. It's a pretty sad cycle. At one point this was a site controlled by extremely elitist opinions, when we changed the name to RHO, we wanted to actually encourage players to learn to hack and understand how some of it actually works. With that, we also invited other kinds of hackers, it was meant to be general hacking. Of course we only got like 1 or 2 of those kinds of hacks, and we slowly became PHO again to focus on Pokemon hacking.

We've had a lot of issues with staff drama in the past and the mods all like anime which actually is driving some users away, it really kills the site. The people I want to mod just don't have the time or energy for it anymore.

I loved PHO, and I still do. I hate to see the way it is today. For now, just keep posting your tutorials, your hacks, your lets plays. Maybe one day we'll figure something out and become a learning resource again. Unfortunately, Pokecommunity, WaH, irc chats and Skeetendo are just established and superior to what we offer. I'm sorry it ended up like this as a forum. We were a community and a family, and even I have run out of energy and passion to keep it going.

Originally Posted by Alice View Post
The site is fairly dead but I don't know that those are the reasons why, I'm fairly sure it's mostly that we don't have much to offer that other sites don't do better. We actually do allow offtopic posts here, we have a section specifically for them (games are also allowed in there). We don't have a fangames/game development section anymore because it got very little to no activity so it was dropped. That said, it's only dead in activity. A lot of the staff members only check in every now and then due to the low activity but we've not given up on it yet, we do have future plans that I'm sure everyone will find exciting. Most of our activity is actually on our sister site,, which is a social network for everyone from hack players to hackers and even those who do neither (I myself neither hack nor play hacks anymore). Feel free to check it out if you are interested in discussion in a less forum centric format
Originally Posted by Aperso View Post
There are sections dedicated to Homebrew and coding and there were sections for general Pokemon Discussions and Gaming, but activity was never actually strong enough for it to have it own section, so the sections slowly faded into general off-topic sections.

We've all said that was the vibe we unintentionally produced, and sadly we haven't been able to shake that vibe since.
Originally Posted by Pankajblitz View Post
Same with me.
(Points towards sky)
We have to reach there.

Guys do you know what, to get everyone attracted towards us we have to do what they like.....
All the pokemon fans worldwide are currently interested in the topic "pokemon sun and moon"
So i think we should work on it!
We should try to get as much information as we can about it like the game itself, its features, new pokemons and all the things related to it!
We should try to collect and share data much more that no other sight have done, and also we will need someone to get the news about those happenings in this forum as soon as they are revealed....
I hope in this way we can gain some viewers soon....
Also on personal basis we can share about this website in our social accounts...(for me i can share it on my facebook pokemon group)
I hope by implementing these things we can take a step ahead.
Respond to my idea pls
EDIT: and i do feel that this forum needs some more admistrative should get some active people for this job.
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