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Originally Posted by The_Learner View Post
Ok i got the point but seems like our ideas are still conflicting....
"You are in a hotel to have some food, bit when you enter there neither any food, nor the counter nor any waiter irvworker what would you do"
Currently our websites condition is similar
Because visit here.... people interested for sun and moon search for it and dont find it....(because its deep inside the website) and they leave finding nothing about it...
Still i am ok with your decision.
At this point in time, it's worth a try but you both make a good point. Not sure about you guys but as far as I've seen, there really aren't too many other places to go to get this kind of information and resource for exactly what we do here.

Even though this place has gotten stagnant, it still does remain a valuable resource for anyone who may be interested in creating hacks in the future. If nothing else, hopefully that future reworking of this site does the trick. It's nice to see that this place still has a pulse though; as long as at least a few people still care, it's got a chance to improve. I still have a personal hack to finish as well, if I can just find the time and motivation these days to make it worthwhile to share this will be the place I'll look to put it.

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