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Default [Fire Red] Pokemon Ice Silver

1. Technical Data - Info about the hack
2. Intro and Storyline - know my hack
3. New Features - All the new features of the hack
4. Mediw -Scans and videos
5. Userbar - If you are fan put this
6. Credits - Creator of the tools I use
7. Greetings - For all important people of the development
8. Progress - Percentages to the first beta
9. Tools I use - *Because this can't be done with magic powers*
10. FAQ -Some answers
11. Prizes - A place to future prizes
12. Downloads - Place to diferent downloads.

Technical Data

• Títle: Pokemon Ice Silver
• Base: BPRE (Fire Red (U)
• Creator: ~G0LD!
• Team: ~G0LD! (All things)
• Languaje: Spanish for now

About the hack

Pokemon Ice Silver was a GBC hack created by me, the development was started in summer of 2012, but was cancelled in April of 2014, the old proyect has a beta, but now I restart my old hack in a fully new adventure...

If you never seen my old GBC hack, Pokemon Ice Silver is a sequel of Pokemon GSC, takes place in a new city of Johto 4 year after the events of GSC


Ice: (Boy/Girl(Default name to both players) Main character of the game, is a boy/girl from Bluebell City (Ciudad Caléndula in spanish), a new little city of Noth of Johto, Ice is a problematic boy/girl and a bit allocated, and a lover of skateboarding, but the destiny will make Ice start a new adventure in the Johto region

Davis: Is the best friend of Ice, has a weakness for the womens and sometimes acts without thinking,

Luna: Is the neighbor and friend of Ice and Davis, a little bit crappy. She likes to read booms and the studies, she dont like the
skateboarding, but are good friends with Ice and davis


"According to popular legend of Unova, Zekrom and Reshiram represent the balance of both worlds, ideals and balance, sa little known about the origin of both, after the failed attempt by the Team Plasma to create two worlds have come to the conclusion that in the deep black is a bit of white, and the white there is some deep black.

But that's not all, to be based on that theory I am quite sure that both dragons were one creature in the past.

But I still do not quite, because in my recent trip to the Giant Chasm I discovered something about the origin of both, is that for some reason the two were separated, but when separated both left an empty shell, the shell that was left seems to be related to the legend of the monster that attacks at night in Lacunosa Town.

Then, considering that, I have the theory that if we could find a way to find the balance between truth and ideals we could give rise to the dragon that used to be true before splitting into three.

But there is an unfinished point in this, as I have now on vacation in Johto I discovered that there is the famous Mt Silver some Gamma ray particles at the top, I got the same particles in samples of rocks of the Giant Chasm and near to the Victory Road, close to the final fight against Ghetsis and Team Plasma a year ago.

Then the last detail Johto gives a 180 ° spin to my research, so I ask you, Professor Elm to help me find the final link of the origin of these three dragons, no, but if you were to join the three into one again, we could have the most powerful Pokemon that the world has ever seen, so I ask you to keep it a secret this research, since no one can know the huge and overwhelming power that could be obtained if the three dragons merged"

It was the letter he wrote a famous researcher of Unova, before he disappeared mysteriously in Lacunosa Town, from that moment several strange things happening lately in Johto...

4 years ago, when the Gold beat the Pokemon League champion and disbanded Team Rocket was crowned the region seemed to be at peace, but no for now, this time a group of thugs seek at all costs to achieve that coveted Original Dragon and so have absolute power of World.

But fate will make three friends of Bluebell CityPero el destino hara que tres chicos de Ciudad Cerezo impidan a toda costa que los malos tomen el poder de este poderoso Dragon y asi devolver la paz a la region de Johto żSeras capaz de detenelos? at all costs prevent ill take the power of this mighty Dragon and thus restore peace to the region of Johto Will you be able to stop them?

New Features

• A fully new story than the GBC version
• Johto region remapped in a new BW style and a bit of HGSS style.
• A Day, night a seasons system with clock based events
• Maps bit modified of the original region
• original soundtrack of HGSS
• Psychical/Special split inside
• +200 new Pokemon from 4-6 generation (no fakemons)
• New moves from 4-6 generarion
• Fairy type inside and type chart updated
• New clues and puzzles
• New graphics like Battle BG, bag, hp boxes and more.
• A very good tiles and maps
• Some fully nw places of Johto region
• ASM works inside
• New locations of the wild pokemon
• And more...

Media Center


*Not yet*


-Zeo, WesleyFG, The Red-Ex, Project Glowing Gold,The Calis Project, Trevor, Cope, Soloo993, PichuIchu, Alucus, AO Project, Tokyn, Minorthreat, FM, DarkDarkrai, Kyledove, Alistair, Newtiteuf, Rata, Reck, Hek el Grande, Zaux, Edenslite, Pinkishpurple, Nekeryusei, Dante, Tomycase, HollowRoxas, Mamarocket,GoGoJJtech, Jambo51.

* Note: if I forget someone guy in the list tell me via PM.


• Soloo.EXE: for help me in a bounch of graphics and make for me an awesome battle bg's

• Brock/Oscar1234: Graphical help

• Nex: For help me in some maps

• laflacapkm: For some graphical helphelp


*Progress updated to 9/23/2014

- Maps: 20%
- Tiles: 70%
- Scripts: 1%
- Sprites and Overworlds: 40%
- Other graphics: 50%


I use for this hack:

- Advance Map
- G3HS
- Gen3Tools
- UnlzGBA
- Gold Finger
- XSE and PKSV.


1. Is an remake of GBC Ice Silver or is only a port to GBA from GBC?
I call remake because a bunch of new things inside.
2. żWhat happen with Black 'n White?
BnW are delayed for a few months

3. żIs a new story or a sequel of Gold/Silver?
Yep, to be accurate is a sequel of Pokemon Crystal, ignoring some things of HGSS, like the Battle Frontier, or the existence of Lyra (Kris rulz c.


* empty in this moment :c*


* not yet :c *
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