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Update 2.0.1 is officially out! There were pretty many bugs in 2.0.0, including multiple crashes and some that made progressing almost impossible. They've all been fixed. The only major bug remaining is that Nuzlocke mode sometimes turns itself on; I might release a 2.0.2 update if it gets fixed later.

2.0.1 is compatible with 2.0.0 save files, so just replace the ROM and you should be all set.


There are two patches, regular and "faithful". The faithful patch does not change any Pokémon types or base stats, or any move attributes. This will be more familiar, but can have some odd consequences, like a Ghost trainer using a Ninetales that lacks STAB on its Shadow Ball.

Patches should be applied to a Pokémon Crystal (UE) (1.0) ROM. The one I used has the MD5 hash 9f2922b235a5eeb78d65594e82ef5dde if you need to make sure your copy is correct.

The source code on GitHub has a readme and feature list with more details, an FAQ, and a guide to using the patch files.


  • Add: Item balls for TMs are blue (based on Gen VI's yellow).
  • Add: The Zephyr Badge lets you use traded Pokémon up to level 20.
  • Add: Respawn Sudowoodo if uncaught after the Elite Four, like legendaries.
  • Add: Splash effect in puddles.
  • Add: Update some boss trainers' teams.
  • Add: Mantine can learn Fly.
  • Add: Crabhammer has 95% accuracy.
  • Add: Unique wild moves are rarer (25%, not 50%).
  • Add: Move Nuzlocke mode option away from common ones.
  • Add: X/Y Gym Leader music for Valerie.
  • Add: Fairy tale references.
  • Add: Nidorina and Nidoqueen, not just Nidoran♀, can produce either gender of Nidoran eggs.
  • Fix: Flash no longer requires the Zephyr Badge, since earning the Zephyr Badge requires using Flash.
  • Fix: The Rocket Grunt♀ who gives you a password has a glitched unbeatable team.
  • Fix: The Day-Care gives back fainted Pokémon in Nuzlocke mode.
  • Fix: Calling Bill to switch boxes corrupts the PC.
  • Fix: Destiny Bond glitch.
  • Fix: Ecruteak fairy-tale house crash.
  • Fix: Bellchime Trail crash.
  • Fix: Conditions for Bellchime Trail event.
  • Fix: Swimmer♂s on Route 40+41 have the Super Nerd sprite.
  • Fix: Viewing the Ruins of Alph wall patterns crashes the game.
  • Fix: Incorrect cries for some Pokémon.
  • Fix: TM learnsets for Electivire, Magmortar, and Rhyperior.
  • Fix: Icicle Crash is still called Razor Shell.
  • Fix: A battle with Lyra is skippable.
  • Fix: Two trainers overlap on the S.S. Aqua.
  • Fix: Sending a caught Pokémon to the PC asks whether to nickname in Nuzlocke mode.
  • Fix: Plural trainers say "are about to use", not "is about to use".
  • Fix: Viridian Forest is dark.
  • Fix: S.S. Aqua location on Town Map.
  • Fix: Tile error in Cherrygrove Bay.
  • Fix: Twins Ann & Anne → Twins Tori & Til.
  • Fix: Lass's text spread over multiple lines.
  • Fix: Trainer Card badges in Kanto.
  • Fix: Game Corner still mentions Blizzard, not Ice Beam.
  • Fix: Game Corner games in Goldenrod use Celadon music.
  • Fix: Adjust some event timing.
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