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Originally Posted by Crystal Kuchiki View Post
4.New Skin, PLEASE!!!, In one year I never see a new skin, Im bored of Kyurem and Akuroma skins (ORAS skin need more improvement)
There's a style selector in the bottom corner, there should be at least a few styles in there you can use.

As for the ORAS one, I'm really slowly working on that one, I'm just running into issues all the time regarding some of the features. I'm having to retool them so that they'll have cross-browser compatibility. I do hope to get back to work on it soon, as my school courseload has lightened a bit, and hopefully I'll get some assistance on getting these features working properly so I can get to the buttons and whatnot and make a formal theme release. I have tons of awesome ideas for buttons and various graphics, but I want to make sure what I've implemented (The floating notification bit and the custom postbit) work 100% on all browsers that PHO supports first, then I'll move on.
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Thank you for your time, PHO. I won't soon forget it.

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