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Originally Posted by Crystal Kuchiki View Post
2. In the last days a several threads of team recruitment and ideas, I don't why the threads needs to be aproved, if infrict the rules, some moderator close the thread, don't lie, close a thread is super easy, no more aproval threads to me.
Agreed, it's actually something I overlook as I keep forgetting myself I need to approve things there. Also, I find the screenshot rule kinda silly so I may amend that part myself, as if people need help getting an idea out there but want a team, that isn't for the WIP section, but more the Team Development section imo.

5. Why not a Year awards? the activity and hacks aren't enough to give awards every months, but I think is enough to a anual awards.
Makes sense to do this towards the end of the year, but I get your point. Hopefully this will happen.

7. Avatars more bigger, 120x120 is very small, my suggestion is enlarge the avatars to 200x200 px.
I find 120x120 adequate for most things as it is a standard on forums iirc. I don't get why you'd want much higher as it isn't the main point of a forum personally.
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