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Originally Posted by Pia Carrot View Post
It's called PHO because it focuses on Pokemon ROM Hacking
That Makes Some Pretty Nice Sense. The Others Have Tons Of Sections Couz They're Not Focusing On A Thing (Specifically On Hacking). But In This Site, You'll Easily Know The Main Theme Of It By The Webs Name. But There Are Some Out Of Place Dudes That Don't Know About The Sites Focusing For. Yeah, I'm Referring Yours Truly By One Of Those Dudes xD

But Anyway, I Have A Suggestion. Don't Know If Its A Cool One. If The Site Do An Annual Hacking Award, How About Making A Winner Be More Special. Not Just Giving A Hack The Usual Trophy/"Best In" Or Something Images. Like Umm... Ahh... I Don't Know, But I Hope You Get My Point.
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