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Default Pia-nii's Gen2 Shop

PHO Exclusive, I only service active, regular forum members, otherwise try a commission over at dA:

If you are happy with your sprite, please consider donating some points

Originally Posted by Terms of Service
Only Terms of Service I have is that I can use the sprites I make for whatever I want if I choose to, however I guarantee no one else will be permitted to use them but the two of us.

Also should be noted I don't charge money, but...I do have college, and a life, so it may take some time. Anyone that has emailed a request to me please just post here, easier for me to keep track of.

I can decline a request, I can cancel a request.
Now, what I offer:


These should be of no use to hackers save silhouettes and version names.

I use my own font:

Trainer Sprites

Battle sprites, backsprites, overworlds, you name it.

Pokémon Sprites

I do backs and Fakemon too but they will take quite some time.

Order Form

What are you ordering?
Best way to contact you?
Do you comply with the Terms of Service?
Give me more details on your order:

Completed Requests


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