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Default ROM Hack Evolution Help

Okay, so I am currently working on a FireRed ROM hack that will have several Pokemon replaced with Gen 6 Pokemon (So far I've only replaced the starters). The only tools I have used is YAPE (Yet Another Pokemon Editor) to alter the stats of the Johto starters so they mach the Kalos starters, and Advacne Sprite/Icon editor to change the sprite and menu icon of the new Pokemon.
So anyways, I was doing a little beta testing, and when my Fennekin reached level 16, it would begin evolving, but a split second before the sprites would begin switching back and forth, it would stop, and a message would come up saying "...?". I continued leveling it up, hoping it would work eventually, but I now have an unevolved level 20 Fennekin (No, I was not pressing B at all during the sequence). Anybody know what the problem could be?

Also, once I fix this problem, keep an eye out for my hack, Pokemon FireRed XY!
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