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Not really sure where to start with my own list, (since I seem to be a bit of a funky butcher like Sukiyami) so I'll just jump into it in no particular order and start with Flannery. I'm also going to just spoiler the whole list since its pretty long and includes pictures.

Anime Waifus

Everyone knows her, she's the Gym Leader from Lavaridge Town in the Hoenn region. Even after I had stopped watching the Pokémon anime, I made sure to come back to it long enough to watch the episodes with her in it. She also appears in Pokémon Christmas without a real reason to, other than that she is there with me. She's been my waifu for a pretty long time, almost as long as RSE have been out.

Another waifu is Chii from Chobits. I know that anime is old or whatever, but Chii is just so freaking adorable. If you've somehow managed to not watch or read Chobits, Chii is a "persocom" which is basically an incredibly lifelike android that people use like a PC, a maid, and sometimes a girlfriend all in one. Chii and her sister Freya are a special custom type of persocom called "Chobits" that are capable of real emotions, not just programmed responses. She falls in love with her owner and we all vicariously fall in love with her as we read/watch.

Then there is Minami Shimada from Baka and Test. She is a student in Class F like the rest of the main characters, although she is a lot smarter than most of them -- because she grew up in Germany and not Japan, she can't read, speak, or write Japanese very well and it hurts her test scores in subjects that require the language. She is often teased about her small chest, but you won't find me complaining about it. She is a tsundere and would certainly try to knock me out if I did (but I wouldn't anyway because she looks great).

Next we'll go with Sailor Mars. My favorite sailor scout, and I don't like how they basically turned her into an almost generic brat in the dub at least from the start. If you've been living under a rock since the 90s, Sailor Mars aka Rei Hino is a highschool girl and a shrine maiden by day and a crime fighting magical girl by night. She uses the fire element in her attacks, as well as her demon banishing abilities as a shrine maiden. She's pretty much just awesome. She has a cameo in Pokemon Christmas, too, in Ecruteak City's Shinto Shrine (new area I added) where she will bless one of your Pokémon to greatly increase its happiness.


Catgirls are awesome. I have a weakness for catgirls, whether they are from any particular anime or not. The reason I first watched Cat Planet Cuties was that I was looking for something else, scrolling down the list, and said "What's that? Catgirls? Yeah, I think I can do that!" and ignored Black Butler that I was "supposed to be watching".

I know I'm leaving some off, and I'll come back to those eventually, but I guess I'll move on to another category.

Pony Waifus (but I don't clop, so I use the term "waifu" loosely)

Princess Luna. Easily the Best Princess. Ruler of the night, which is my favorite time to be out and about doing things. She's very pretty for a cartoon pony, and if I was a pony, well I'd certainly want to spend some time with her. I'll leave it at that.

The Great and Powerful Trixie. People give her a hard time for being full of herself and exaggerating, but she's a showgirl. Her JOB is to show off. I don't clop, but her VA definitely tried to make her sound sexy.

Cheerilee. She's a schoolteacher pony who seems to have been a student back in the 80s. Officially the pony voted most likely to hang out with me and jam to 80s music all day.

Vidya Game Waifus

Echo from PSO2 is another waifu. She's the one on the right in the red outfit in the pic. She is an NPC that you can recruit to your team after doing a few quests for her, and she is a Force class meaning she uses Magic instead of guns or other weapons. She often doubts her abilities and sells herself short, but she is nice to have as a healer and is still decent in battle regardless of what she thinks. Plus she's just adorable and fun to have around. If you could date NPCs in PSO2, my character (a female ranger class) would have been dating her a long time ago.

Meadow Thayer from The Sims 2 is one of my game waifus. She was a townie sim that came with the basegame, and my self-sim has married her a few different times. I also borrowed her to represent one of my false facebook accounts, but I had to make up her own personality. I also based my Serena in Pokemon X on her, and I have based other avatars on her as well. Going by the persona I made for her on Facebook, she is a lesbian and is with a girl named Christy (a sim I made, not one that came with the game).

Hatsune Miku. Not technically a video game character, but since she is a software mascot its close enough. One of the characters from the popular Vocaloid music software. She also had a cameo appearance in Baka and Test, and there are premium items for PSO2 to make your character look like Miku as well. She pops up everywhere, and even does concerts in the real world because staying in the anime world was too mainstream.

Touko/Hilda from Pokemon Black and White. Probably the hottest female protagonist we've gotten so far, although Mei/Rosa and Serena are definitely nice too. And Leaf. Ok so they are all nice (except Lyra), but Hilda is a favorite of mine.

Real Life Waifus/ Other

Debbie Gibson. Pop singer from the 80s. She still looks good now, but back in the late 80s/early 90s when she was around my age she was amazing. She actually follows me on Twitter, but I don't really tweet much so it doesn't matter I guess. She's replied to me before though so that's cool. Not a very big deal, but more than I can say for the other waifus here.

Jenna Louise Coleman, known for currently playing Clara on Doctor Who, as well as other roles.

Billie Piper. Pop singer, also an actress (Secret Dairy of a Call Girl and Doctor Who among other things).

Karen Gillan. I knew her as Amy Pond from Doctor Who (yeah I know, that's been a theme here).

Sukiyami, since we're in lesbians or something.

And I'm sure I managed to leave some of them out because I never stopped to compile a list of all of them. Maybe I'll update this later.

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