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Default TL's Quick Enhancer

Hello Guys,
Its me "The_Learner", back again amongst you, but this time with a tool made by me....

I am a programming student(Its only been a month since I started programming though)..
With the help of this thread ---->
I tried to create my own tool....

so I came up with this tool which I called "TL's Quick Enhancer"

Supported rom:
Fire Red and Emerald for now!
I am planning to stick with these two only, as most of the hackers use only these bases for making a rom-hack.

Screenshots (May change with further releases):

Current Features(Apply):
  1. Running shoes Indoor
  2. EV cap reduction to 252
  3. Egg hatch level(1)
  4. Catch pokemon experience gain
  5. Critical Hit update to gen 6 mechanics
  6. Pokedex glitch fix [FR]
  7. Nature affected stats color
I was able to make the tool to do these thing in the very first stage by modifying the original codes and studying the codes a bit more.

Features Planned:
  1. fairy type implementaion
  2. Pss icons
  3. Repel System (BW and my own modified one)
  4. Poison Survival
  5. Reusable TM
  6. IV display
  7. and many more fixes and improvements done in the Pokecommunity
But to do these of course I will most probably need some time to learn the programming language and of-course some experties help..

Well as I already said before, this is just an initial release to inform you guys about my project, try to ignore some text and graphics bugs in the tools i.e. the icon and gramatical error....
but if you encounter any bugs in the rom after using this tool then pls inform me....
NOTE: I am not sure but as far as I am concerned it would require some how latest version of net.framework... but not sure about the exact version
For any programmer who want to help me:
Well for the fact that if ever any one want to help me in developing or want the codes to be improved then the codes are available in my github... "click here"
well the codes I used to release this tool are under the "my code"
my github is also linked in my signature

I even attached the initial release with the OP.
Be sure to check it and inform me
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