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What is the difference between special and special2? The latter can return a value to be stored in a variable. We're going to focus on the former for now! So, what is the special command used for? It's used to perform a particular function in-game. For demonstration purposes, I'm going to activate Emerald's National Pokédex.
Originally Posted by Avara
#org @main
special 0x1F3
msgbox @msg1 0x6

#org @msg
= Your Pokédex was updated!
A short list of specials can be found in the spoiler below:

special 0x0 - Heal Party [FR] [EM]
special 0x3C - Enable Bill's PC [FR]
special 0x8E - Refresh Screen (use with setmaptile) [FR]
special 0x136 - Earthquake [FR]
special 0x156 - Ghost Battle [FR]
special 0x157 - Get on Bike [FR]
special 0x161 - Start Surfing [FR]
special 0x16F - Activate National Dex [FR]
special 0x91 - Refresh Screen (use with setmaptile) [EM]
special 0x133 - Long Earthquake [EM]
special 0x13D - Short Earthquake [EM]
special 0x1F3 - Activate National Dex [EM]
Here's a tip from diegoisawesome regarding the earthquake specials:
Originally Posted by Diegoisawesome
For the earthquake animation, here's a few variables you should set before using the special:

setvar 0x8004 0xF //This controls how far the screen shakes vertically
setvar 0x8005 0xF //This controls how far the screen shakes horizontally
setvar 0x8006 0xF //This controls how long the overall animation lasts
setvar 0x8007 0xF //This controls how long one screen shake lasts

Further information on special and special2 commands for FireRed can be found here and Emerald hackers will want to check out this post.


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