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I'd say you have a pretty decent idea here, but it could be improved a lot to make a section worthy of making. No one will learn how to program just by making a section where there would be discussion of how to make programs with certain programming languages.

But what I think is that there could still be a programming section, but that could be instead for asking for help in general situations. For instance;

I need to create a loop that does "this" thing "x" amount of times and saves the result each time in a certain memory slot. But there's a problem I'm having... or

Hi, I'm using Java and possibly need an ArrayList/HashMap that would preserve the following data: [insert something here]. The problem is that I'm having hard time using that table to look for the wanted values and so, it might be a better idea to store this table in an object instead. Could somebody help me out here?

So I think a general programming section would be useful to have. Of course, people might as well ask questions related to scripting (even in gen III games like they tend to in PC) there, but instead of fully explaining the situations in "pokemon scripting engine language", the questions could instead be related to the problem they're having and asking for a way to solve it which anyone with the programming skills could do - even without understanding the scripting engine used in that specific game.

(Here's also a good example of me posting in Skeetendo forums and asking for help a couple of months ago:

Due to having people like Tauwasser around, I got the help I needed and yeah... I would totally support the idea of programming section myself.)
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