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Too many people nit-pick man... If a creator has a problem with their program being promoted then we should just ban the program from being used. There are plenty of other map editors out there. There are flash map editors on DA that are just as good, write a conversion tool to create Tilemaps and bam! Lu-Ho thinks that AdvanceMap is the only way to hack maps, he needs to be more focused on creating a bug-free finished product instead. The same goes to every programmer with no mirroring rules... That is childish. Further more, ROM Hacking tools can't be truly copyrighted... ROM Hacking tools are pretty much illegal or at least unethical... If you copyrighted AdvanceMap then you would be stealing from Nintendo's compression method.... Uh, no sense made, you can't copyright something that is already copyrighted, even if it's redistributed in another programming language.
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