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Default Pokémon Orion Version

Pokémon Orion Version, an Emerald hack

Hey guys, I'm Dark Sneasel, you guys may know me from my other hack Pokémon Fluorite, which I'm taking a break from, but if you don't, here it goes!
I'm a 14-year old (almost 15!), and I've been hacking since the summer of 2013, but I'd say that I became "good" in the summer of 2014. Anyways, here's my second hack, which at first I thought was just going to be a side hack, but is becoming a lot more! It's a hack of Pokémon Emerald, which is my favorite Pokémon game. It's called Pokémon Orion Version (the story will involve Jirachi. Jirachi is the "Wish Pokémon," people wish upon a star, and well, Orion is a constellation with a cool name.)
But anyways, into more important things...

I would like to start off by saying that it is still being worked on, but here are the basics of it!
One day, in the region of Senra (thanks Tyranitar50 for the name or was it Tcoppy?) a young trainer wakes up, like every other day. After (s)he heads downstairs, and is about to go outside, his/her mom tell him/her that his/her friends are waiting outside, ready to battle him/her, and then heals the player's party. When the player goes outside, his/her friends, Jonathan and Kiara, are waiting for the player to battle, and they do. His/her friends eventually leave, after telling the player that they're gonna go on a quest to beat all the gym leaders in the region, and that the player should too. The player looks around a little in his/her hometown of Greenleaf Town, only to see some scientists having trouble calming down some Zigzagoons, and then the player goes and tells Professor Acacia, the professor of the Senra region, which catches the Zigzagoon, and eventually gives the player and his/her friends a Pokédex and some Pokéballs. The player then goes on a journey, like his/her friends suggested..
Now, that's just the intro, and what I have so far, but if you want some of dem spoilers, and stuff that is to come, go ahead, and click the spoiler.

So, as for the evil team that is necessary for every hack, here it is..
The team, which I have no name for yet, will at first just start out as a group of thugs, whose motives are unclear, but eventually the player notices that they have a strong distaste for society, because it apparently treats them like trash. Eventually, they grow bigger, and their leader, a power-hungry narcissist, recruits more and more people to help him with his evil plans. As their first major mission, they choose to destroy one town in the region: Greenleaf. The player, his/her friends, and the professor fight back, but ultimately, fail. The player and his/her friends, furious, decide to join an organization whose sole purpose is to fight against the evil team. There's also rumors of Jirachi being awoken, which is a rare occurrence, which leaves many people, including the organization the player joined, and the evil team, looking for it.
What will happen next?


That is the region of Senra, where Pokémon Orion will take place!
Thanks redriders180, the creator of the amazing Pokémon Glazed, for the tiles!


*Most screenshots are not final.

First off, I'd like to give a huge thanks to Tcoppy and Tyranitar50, for they've given me a lot of ideas on this hack, and in general!
Many thanks to redriders180, and his world map tiles, they look amazing.
I wanna thank the creator of these tools:
  • Advance Map
  • XSE
  • A-trainer
  • NTME
  • Sphere
  • The Ultimate Pallet Converter Tool
  • Irfanview
And lastly, you guys, for taking time out of your day to take a look at this poorly-made thread.

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