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Originally Posted by Sky0fBlades View Post
Not sure about 65536; but as far as multiple scripts, yes. You'd need to use flags to deactivate those scripts if you don't want them to happen again.

BTW if anyone's hacking Emerald, watch out with those vars. I know this stuff is primarily for FireRed but I recently ran through Battle Frontier's level scripts and several of the ones in the 0x4000+ range are used in there. Can't remember exactly which scripts, but some of the higher ones are also in level scripts in other maps. If you're removing all that stuff from the game it shouldn't matter though unless I'm mistaken. I'm using 0x4059 for all my script tiles right now, making sure it is set at 0 (it's default value) by the end of every script if I ever change it and it's all working so far.
That sounds like a pretty bad idea in my opinion, since you'll get a little lag when you step on a script tile. I'd take a look around the games and use those, but not the battle frontier ones.
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