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Whole Map:

Just an update:

- I've redone the first town, changing it to a city.
- Re done all scripts, the first town is now 100% finished.
- Changed Various storyline aspects:
The Professor no longer gives you a Pokémon, they find it illogical to hand out good Pokémon which can be researched rather than used as a pet. So, Rad, the local teacher hands out Pokémon instead, the player having done all exams, gets a Pokémon for his/her journey

doing Route 1 too:


Alot of the tree's aren't visible in game.
I forgot that while making it.

Also: Scripting for the map is almost done too:

Might be best to leave them alone for now...

Next is to do is Hallow base, a small route north of Route 1.
It's the gates to the Pokémon League, or Scarlet Hills.
You, obviously, can;t pass without eight badges.

...and I'll tell you all you want te know!

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