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Originally Posted by funkyjamesbrown View Post
Doesntknowhowtoplay, you are a beast - this is an amazing bit of code. Because I was pretty confused at first I thought I would help if anybody still is having trouble adding this to their game.

Tools Needed:

HackMew's thumb.bat
Nameless Sprite Editor

- download the image provided.
- open up NSE, then load your rom and hit "open sprite".
- load the image you saved then go to File - Insert - Image Data.
- type in the 6 digit offset to store the image in - any free space (FF in your Hex editor) is fine. I just used 720000.
- at the bottom of the provided code change the xxxxxx to 720000 or whatever offset you used.
- copy op's code into notepad (hit enter after the last line to add a blank line) then save it with a .asm extension.
- compile using thumb.bat. Somebody else wrote a great ASM tutorial on this site you can google, but it's pretty easy. Using the command prompt navigate to whatever folder has both thumb.bat and your .asm routine then just type thumb nameofyourroutine.asm
- if successful a .bin file should appear in that same folder.
- load WindHex, load your rom, then go to some free space to insert your new .bin file. I used 720800 which fits perfectly. Whatever you do the last digit needs to be divisible by 4 in hex (0, 4, 8, C). Anyway it's just Edit - Insert Binary Data.
- follow the op's instructions about inserting the byte changes - overwriting the bytes that were there before. The pointer is just the offset where you stored the bin file with bytes reversed + 1. So 720800 would be 01 08 72 08. The 08 at the end is universal.

Hopefully this helps somebody, because really this should be in all pokemon games. Any way this can be done in Emerald?

Disculpe tengo un problema ya hice todo y agregue todo lo de asm, pero se me montan las imagenes no sabe por que he hecho todo lo que ha dicho.
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