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Originally Posted by Taconinja View Post
To anyone who plays it, please give as much feedback and criticism as possible. Don't try to spare my feelings, i need to know how to make it better.
Ok, I give my opinion and I try to no hurt your feelings.

pfff, first, BAD STORYLINE, the story is not unique, in my opinion you need write better and put better ideas, the storyline for me is veeeeery bizarre, is a bit original, but need more improvements, and, Why Kanto? I already seen a very big amount of hacks with kanto, try yo make your very own region.

two, BAD MAPPING, your maps style is chaotic, you need make more natural maps, with the tiles of the game you can make a beatiful maps, and please don't repeat the same ornamen tile again and again to fill a map, because looks fatal.

Your project need more improvement, but go on and continue the project.

Good luck!

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