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Might get a warning for gravedigging, but I'm also one the beta testers here to say that Beta Testing has begun!

Currently known bugs:
- Random Flickering ~ This comes as a result of extended tilesets. As of yet, no known fix. Mateo has confirmed that she will continue looking into this and will let us know if a fix can be found.
- Various Capitalization Issues ~ Customized test not being capitalized, things like that. All found issues already fixed.
- Dragon's Den Trainers Not Loading - Flag error, already fixed.

There were a few other small bugs, but nothing else really worth mentioning, a couple of typos and such.

Huge thanks to Mateo and 4thGenGamer! <- Streamed Christmas on his Twitch Channel ♥

Now, care to update the thread since you have some time off this week? :3

Oh and by the way, I'm invisible on Skype, so send me a message even if it says I'm offline lol.
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