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Default 649 Patch

The 649 Patch

NOTE: This is a ROM BASE, not a hack. You cannot catch 649 Pokémon in this hack. It is a base that allows hackers to create hacks with all 649 in it. HOWEVER. THIS PATCH IS STILL IN BETA AND IS HIGHLY UNSTABLE. This patch is only available for testing purposes at this point. If any hacks are made with it, I will personally request their removal.

Okay, so Jambo51 decided that he is done hacking and has moved on to make his own Pokemon Engine for GBA and his own hacking tools. Just before he made this decision, he gave me access to everything to do with the 649 patch. A few weeks later, he turned the project over to me. However, he didn't have a complete list of everything that needed to be done. This includes bugs, unfinished parts, and things that just don't work at all. This is where I need your help: I need to compile a list of EVERY single thing that needs to be done.

From this point on, all new ASM, all new scripts and the patch itself will be hosted on GitHub. This is so that I can easily keep track of bugs and keep the patch open source, which can only help in its development.

Before you go rushing off to GitHub, I have a few rules for simplicity and organization:

-All reports will be done in the ISSUES section.

-All bugs and things which don't work the way they are supposed to, will be labeled "Bug".

-Any features that are supposed to be in the patch but are missing will be labeled "Missing Feature".

Please, look through the list already and if a topic has been reported already, don't make a new thread. The more threads I have to sift through, the longer this is going to take to finish.

I will keep a file called "Known Issues.txt" in the main page. Please, please, please look though it. Now, the GitHub link is in here. (yeah, I wanted to make you read.)

The readme file on GitHub will contain all of the credits, the list of features, and all of the other info you need. This thread is more as just an announcement.

Thanks guys,
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