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Another update: Just beat Grant and got the Cliff Badge. Was a bit worried because I didn't have anything that was super effective against Rock but his Amaura and Tyrunt went down in 2 Returns each, netting me the badge.

Edit: Just took out Korrina too, so that's the Rumble Badge gotten too. That's both the leaders I was actually a little worried about out of the way, the rest of the game should be a cakewalk now. I'm actually a little disappointed :L

Also I got the Eviolite before the gym so Eevee is pretty much beastmoding now (well not really beastmode but it hits pretty damn hard and can tank even STAB fighting type moves so y'know..)

Edit 2: Blah blah Ramos. Grass Badge (?) get. They really group together those gyms huh? 3 gyms pretty much in a row.

Edit 3: I got distracted and Eevee evolved into Espeon. Restarted but I basically just lost all of my progress today. Gonna take a break I think...don't really feel like getting back to where I was..

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