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Default Version 3.8.3 Now Out

Originally Posted by heinoctash View Post
Hello, RichterSnipes. I just tried your Pokemon FireRed Throwback v3.8.2 and really loved it!

However, I'm not sure if anyone already told you this, but I found several glitch so far. By the way, I tested this on Emulator(VBA).

The first is, when I tried to obtain certain items on the ground. My game suddenly freeze after I pressed A button to pick it up.
This happened in two locations : In the Safari Zone near the Rest house and Two Island at southern part of town.
And the second is, I cannot 'cut' some trees in Five Island Meadow even though I bring a pokemon with this move. So it's not possible to obtain item behind the tree.

Regardless, I really appreciate your hard work and hope for the best for your project

Good day.
I'm really late on this one. Truly sorry about that.

Thanks for playing my hack! I checked out the bugs that you mentioned and can confirm them. The good news? I just fixed all of them! Check out the first post for the fixed, updated download for version 3.8.3. The updated version also includes a couple of other fixes, as well as a nifty addition to skip the intro tutorials courtesy of diegoisawesome (FireRed only).

I hope anyone and everyone checking out my hack has fun with it! I always appreciate the feedback, both bug fixes and in general.
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